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The Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach is set to become the first medical center in Florida to offer fully vegan menus to their very lucky patients.

As reported first in VegNews, the hospital realized what the rest of us knew already during rounds one day, that patients recovering from heart attacks, were being served cheeseburgers for lunch.

Dr. David Dodson, who helped kick start the new menu, explained that during his rounds one day, the menu choices were not going to help anyone recover.  “I was on rounds one day,” Dodson told local news outlet WPTV, “and a patient of mine had been admitted to the hospital with a heart attack, and he had a stent. I happened to be rounding at noontime, and they were serving him a cheeseburger! And I said, ‘Wait a minute, something’s wrong here.’ I think eventually all hospitals will be doing this, but somebody has to start it, and I think Good Sam is the leader.”

The patients will receive mouth watering dishes such as, veggie wraps, seasoned tomatoes and quinoa salads. Long gone will the days of joking about hospital food. Dr. Dodson believes that the initiative will soon be adopted by hospitals across the country scientific evidence suggests that consuming a vegan diet helps decrease the risk of contracting debilitating and often fatal diseases.

When you’re packing that hospital bag next time, maybe give this hospital a second look!






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