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How to Make Time Out Effective For Your Vegan Kids

by | March 18, 2019

One of the biggest questions parents has about their vegan kids, have been asking themselves when it comes to disciplining their children, and it isn’t so easily answered- Does time out really work? Time out is a good option for punishment for young children because it teaches your children to be able to be self-aware in order to calm themselves down. Sure, sitting in the corner away from all of their toys for some minutes is a way to level their head, but how can you make it an effective solution?

Don’t let your vegan kids leave time out until they are calm

It’s important to “not break character” when you are in disciplinary parent mode. If you set a 3 minute time out, be firm on the time even if they calm down after a minute. If they are going to be late for their friend’s 4th birthday party, let them wait in time out until they have calmed down despite the lateness. If you bend, they may not take their time out punishment seriously next time.

Go about your day

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If you were in the middle of doing the dishes when your older kid decided to summer slam your youngest, after putting the troublemaker in time out and reconciling your youngest, go back to what you were doing. Even if it’s hard, you’ll have to ignore the pleas from the time out corner to come back out until the time is up (or until they are calm)

Provide incentive for them to calm down

If your child is having a rough time calming down or if they refuse to go to time out, use further consequences as an incentive for them to “do their time” in time out. Saying that you will cancel a future playdate or that TV privileges will be temporarily revoked if they are unable to participate in time out may be able to motivate your children to calm down quicker and not fight their punishment. If this still doesn’t’ work; raise the stakes to being grounded.

Do you use time out as a way to discipline your children? If not, what have you found that works? Let me know in the comments below.

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