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How to Support Your Friend Embracing Veganism In 2019

by | January 12, 2019

So, your friend just declared they’re going cruelty-free for the new year? Here’s a quick guide on how to support your friend embracing veganism.

a quick guide on how to support your friend embracing veganism in 2019. 

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How to Support Your Friend Embracing Veganism 

You’ve just gotten the great news that one of your friends has decided to take on veganism for the New Year. Congratulations! In a way, you will serve as a “vegan ambassador” for your friend until they are able to get their footing on this new lifestyle. What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? I’m here to share a quick guide on how to successfully support your friend as they begin their vegan journey.

Don’t: Shame them when they make mistakes

Do: Encourage them that it’s a learning process

Nobody is perfect and when it comes to adapting to a new lifestyle, mistakes will be made. Maybe your friend didn’t notice that there is honey in their granola bars or that their favorite makeup brand isn’t cruelty-free like they thought they were. By encouraging them that these are only minor-setbacks and by being there to emotionally support your friend, you will give them the motivation to continue on and to not make the same mistake twice. You can even share mistakes that you made when you first started out to lighten what could be a bad mood. Share love, spread joy, and support your friend embracing veganism with an open heart. 

Don’t: Bombard them with information

Do: Casually introduce them to new concepts

You may be tempted to have a movie night showing every vegan movie out there and to send your friend hundreds of recipes that you found on Pinterest. Although helpful, it is important to remember that it can already be overwhelming as is when you are just starting out. Take things slow and let them lead the way when it comes to asking for resources.

Don’t: Forget about them in a couple of months

Do: Stay in touch! Vegans need to stick together

Life happens and people fall out of touch. In the age of social media, however, you can easily check in on your newly vegan pal! Checking in on your friend to celebrate their victories is never a bad idea. Us vegans are still a minority, so stick together if you can and plan a day to grab a plant-based brunch. If you can’t, sending a funny meme is never a bad idea.

How did you support your friend embracing veganism? Let me know in the comments below.

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