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Irish Politician Insults Vegans – Claims Hard Workers Eat Meat

by | January 17, 2019

Irish Politician insults vegans claiming hard workers eat meat.

Every country has their fair share of cringe-worthy, idiot politicians and looking personally at Ireland, it appears there is no exception. Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae, by my account, the laughing stock of the Dail, and a national embarrassment, has once again, stuck his wellington clad foot into his ignorant mouth.

Irish Politician Insults Vegans - Claims Hard Workers Eat Meat
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Irish politician insults vegans

Irish Politician Insults Vegans – Claims Hard Workers Eat Meat

The politician made the insensitive remarks about people who don’t eat meat after the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar claimed that he was cutting down on his meat intake in an effort to lower his carbon footprint.

Healy-Rae insulted hard-working vegans, vegetarians and intelligent people all over the country by saying it was ridiculous for anyone think that people should stop eating meat to change the weather and that if you’re a hard worker who does  a hard day’s work there is nothing like a good piece of meat to bring you back and to revive you again, whether it be bacon and cabbage or beef or lamb stew. Claiming that people who don’t eat meat won’t be able to get up for work the next day, that those suggesting such have obviously never done a hard day’s work.

“If there was a shovel put into their hands they’d starve with the hunger because they won’t make it until dinner time.”

This coming from the same guy, who shouted that is was a sad day for rural Ireland in the Irish parliament when stricter drink driving laws were passed. And this Irish politician insults vegans? I don’t understand how he keeps getting re-elected.

Greenhouse gas emissions are released by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of the food we eat and that all contributes to our carbon footprint. A study in the UK shows that an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint is by eating less meat. That vegetarians had about half the carbon footprint of meat eaters.

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  1. Chantelle
    January 29th, 2019 @ 1:23 pm

    Dam! Idiocracy is a thing…and it seems to be running rampant these days.

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