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It’s Now Or Never: UN Declares 12 Years Left To Act For Climate Change

by | March 20, 2019

The environment has reached an extent where hypothesis about unwanted climate-change is manifesting in real-life. They are no more just anticipation of the future. Sounds scary? Well, it may be. What does the future have in store? How are we supposed to act? Read on to know more.

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It’s Now Or Never: UN Declares 12 Years Left To Act For Climate Change

Take for example, the fire season in the US has extended beyond its limit owing to climate change. For instance, the average burned area more than doubled than it was in the last three decades. The 2015 fire season stands testimony of the then prevailing impact of climate change. It was one of the worst recorded in the history of the US- more than 9.3 million acres of land was charred by October 16. This also redirects to the wildfires of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Colorado that has increased dramatically in size and acreage burnt.

Moving on to the present, the United Nations body for climate change in its major report has reportedly called for ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes’ in every aspect of society possible. The report is based on 6000 scientific connotations from 91 authors spanning 40 countries, and it outlines the urgency to act to prevent climate changes. The report reflects the impact of a rise of 1.5 degrees centigrade above the pre-industrial limit can cause. 

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Just the way few infections in a body if untreated can turn out to be life-threatening, global-warming affects similarly. Scientists are to the opinion that the rise in temperature is costing earth some grave imbalances like- rise in sea-level, diminishing artic-ice, among the other changes in the environment, reports The Business Insider.  A professor from the University of Queensland said that it is beyond doubt human beings are responsible for the adverse circumstances earth is undergoing and that it is affecting ecosystems, people and live hood around the world.

What do the statistics say?

The global carbon footprint (human-induced) need to fall as much as 45% of what it was in 2010 by 2030. Only this can reach a ‘net-zero’ mark by 2050. This time-frame leaves us barely with 12 years at our disposal to bring about a change in the climate. Watch the video here (report courtesy- Australian Academy of Science).

Before Time Runs Out

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At the tick of time when our planet is ailing, it needs our help. There are sustainable options we can choose to avail, discarding the environmentally detrimental ones. Say, for instance, acting to reduce carbon footprint can be prioritized considering carbon dioxide contributes significantly to the global climate-change. As a matter of fact, going vegan has been identified as the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce the impact on the earth, reported the Guardian. What is your contribution to helping the earth? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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