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Jack Black Ditches Red Meat — Chooses “Delicious Veggie Burgers” Instead

by | March 30, 2020

Actor Jack Black has announced that he will be ditching red meat in favor of plant-based replacements — a pledge he’s made in the hopes of helping to fight climate change.

The star took to Twitter to share the news, adding the hashtag #MyEcoResolution to flag it as part of a large-scale environmental campaign.

“My Eco Resolution is to stop eating red meat,” he said, in a video shared to the platform.

“I’m doing this to limit catastrophic climate change and to support my mental health — and I think you should too.”

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The Beyond Burger is popular with vegans and meat eaters alike (Oskar Helgason/Shutterstock.com)

Jack Black On “Scientifically Delicious” Meat-Free Products

The actor was quick to assure fans he’d still be indulging in burgers on the regular, but would choose an animal-free option instead.

“I’m a still eat a cheeseburger,” he said. “But it’s going to be one of those new scientifically delicious veggie burger — you know, the Impossible, the Beyond, etcetera.”

The brands mentioned by the star — Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat — are two of the biggest players in the meat alternative sphere today, both offering a made-to-seem-real burger free of animal products.


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