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James Cameron Calls On New Zealand to Adopt Plant-Based Protein and Dairy

by | May 11, 2019

The Oscar-winning Hollywood director calls on New Zealand to shift to plant-based protein and milk in order to curb emissions and progress to a low-emission economy. Speaking to a summit, he explained what a low-emission future would be like in the Southwestern Pacific nation, and along with his wife, raised concerns on the environment. Read on to learn more on James Cameron calling New Zealand to adopt plant-based protein and dairy.

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James Cameron Urges New Zealand to Shift to Plant-based Protein and Dairy

The distinguished plant-based Hollywood director, James and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron, spoke at the Just Transition Summit that was held in New Plymouth last Thursday, May 2019. He explained while speaking at the summit, a shift to plant-based milk and protein will allow the nation to transition to a low-emission economy, reports Stuff.

The Titanic director and his wife Suzy told the summit about the huge amount of emissions contributed by the dairy industry. He said the dairy sector emits 22 percent, and agriculture contributes to 48 percent emissions. Comparatively, these soaring percentages add little to the GDP or Gross Domestic product. In contrast, transportation emissions (including airlines) contribute 12 percent in comparison to the whopping 48 percent from agriculture. 

“We can’t talk about reducing emissions in New Zealand without talking about the future of ‘ag’ and food.”

“We can feed a lot more people and take care of the land, and take care of the air, and take care of the water.”

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Regarding the future, environmentalist Suzy Amis Cameron stated that using the lands to produce crops rather than animals would be more economical. The Hollywood director added-

James and his wife reportedly concluded by acknowledging the difficulties farmers face in a message to them. He said, “It’s like finding out you’ve got some sort of illness or a condition that has to be treated,” adding “…you’ve got time, and you’ve got solutions.” Cameron further pointed out that the shift could be financially lucrative.

The writer and director of Hollywood’s timeless blockbusters, like Avatar and Titanic and The Terminator, lives on a 5000-hectare farm in south Wairarapa along with his environmentalist wife Suzy Amis Cameron. The couple reportedly grows their own organic fruit, veggies, and nuts on their property. The two Camerons make an absolute vegan power couple. For instance, the movie set for Avatar was fully vegan. What do you think about James Cameron’s statements at the New Zealand summit? Let me know in comments.

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