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James Cameron Claims that Vegan Women Will Save the World

by | March 28, 2019

James Cameron, the mastermind behind films including Avatar, Terminator, and Titanic claims that vegan women much like his wife Suzy Amis will be the ones to save the world. Why solely women? Is this endearing or sexist on his part? Keep reading to learn more about what Cameron said in an interview with CNN.

James Cameron Claims that Vegan Women Will Save the World
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James Cameron Claims that Vegan Women Will Save the World — Endearing or Sexist?

Cameron and wife Suzy Amis are the ultimate vegan power couple. While James prides himself in his environmentally-friendly movie sets (his Avatar set was 100% vegan), Suzy came out with a book titled “OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet” in Fall of 2018. In the book, Suzy’s aim is to teach people about introducing just one vegan meal a day into their lives in order to make a difference. She highlights that although it may not be possible for everyone to be as environmentally friendly as they possibly could be, it is possible to go green just once a day.

In a CNN interview, James Cameron muses on environmentalism and how he believes that one gender will be the one to save us all; “I put my faith in women to save the world. I think men preach the world in a certain way, that tends to be dominative and aggressive-it’s just how men have been wired since the dawn of time… I think we need a more female, kind of goddess based perspective, we have to nurture life and care for it.” Although it sounds sweet and endearing the first time around, could his train of thought be considered sexist? Of course, us women pride ourselves in being ultimate girl bosses, but why should it be up to only us to save the planet?

Later in the interview he also noted that he has “respected” and “celebrated” women in his films and that he is “very lucky to be married to a very powerful, strong, caretaker warrior”, referring to Suzy.

Do you think that what James Cameron said about women being the ones to “save the world” was endearing or sexist? Let me know in the comments below?

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