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Jenna Dewan Switches to Cruelty-Free Beauty and Here’s What She Found

by | May 3, 2019

Actor and dancer, Jenna Dewan, 38 spoke to People about her inclination towards all-natural, and cruelty-free beauty products which she initially tried when she was pregnant with her daughter. The star who reportedly eats meat-free from age 10 shared her recent shift to clean makeup and vegan beauty. Read what she found below.

Jenna Dewan Switched to Toxin-Free Beauty Products and She Loves it
Credit: @jennadewan/ Twitter

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Jenna Dewan Switched to Toxin-Free Beauty Products and She Loves it

In a recent interview with People magazine, actor, dancer, and a mother to a five-year-old, Jenna shared her shift from conventional beauty products to a cruelty-free and clean range of cosmetics. The actor, who considers herself a ‘beauty junkie’ said to the media house about her change in approach to shopping product post her daughter- Everly Tatum, now five, was born.

The star while talking to People said she didn’t want to compromise on the quality, adding that gradually she found herself using all-natural products on her skin, starting with ‘natural face products,’ then makeup and gradually others.

“Everything I was using no longer was recommended to be using while pregnant. I just started using natural face products, then makeup and it became a slow unrolling of getting into more of these toxin-free [items].” 

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And to her luck, she didn’t have to settle with low-quality beauty products and instead found Savvy Minerals by Young Living that reportedly offers a range of cruelty-free and clean cosmetics. She became fond of it and has been the brand ambassador as well.

“I feel good about it morally and physically”

According to Stylist, Jenna is a vegan, and after the actor reportedly watched a documentary of the slaughterhouses as a kid, the scenes were so distressing she vowed not to take meat again.

“I’m never eating meat again”. It just stuck. I feel good about it morally and physically.

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Credit: @jennadewan/ Twitter

Now, it is reported that the actor has shifted to all-natural, clean and toxin-free products, after first testing the same while she was pregnant with her daughter. And according to the Stylist, she found the products so good that now she totally uses ‘toxin-free’ product ranges.

While her chat with the People, we got a glimpse of her care for the environment when the media house asked the actor about her ‘easiest eco-friendly swap in her life’ to which she responded saying it all initially started with food and was vegan, adding that she gradually moved to beauty. Outside what she puts on her skin, the actor is also mindful to sustainability. She even mentioned her sustainability teachings to her daughter telling-

“She knows about recycling. She knows about waste, like everything down to how much toilet paper you use.

“She’s very much an eco-warrior at the moment.”

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Jenna Dewan and Savvy Minerals

It may not clear if now she’s a full-time vegan (she might have her chat days) but her recent interview with People sheds light into her preference for clean and cruelty-free beauty. Savvy Minerals by Young living offers cruelty-free vegan makeups and other products in their range. She specifically loves the company’s bronzer because that gives her ‘really good color’ and the same is not ‘too shimmery’ ‘nor too matte.’

Although it is clear that Savvy Minerals does not test on animals, as it mentions on the website they’re cruelty-free, however, there may be lipsticks that have beeswax, making it unfit for vegans. So if you ever want to try one, make it a point to look for the ingredients. What do you think about Jenna Dewan’s cruelty-free and adoption of clean cosmetics?

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