An Open Letter About the Unsung of Our World

Dear Reader,

The events of the past week truly showcase just how interdependent we are on the results of another person's work. Whilst we expect the Amazon parcel to arrive just in time and for our grocery stores to be stocked with the highest quality ingredients, we as society frequently ignore the people who make the magic happen. In doing so, we beset our minds with a mindset that can rapidly put society in peril. That mindset is one of complacency.

For too long, we as people have become complacent in the on-demand nature of our lives. Our expectations are so frequently met that we begin to forget that underpinning those thousands of nearly flawless interactions are indeed people. And indeed, in those trillions of successful interactions we often idolise those who coordinate and guide greater organisations of people, to the neglect of those who make those organisations truly hum. It is time for that to change.

Think about this: who among us reading this letter recognise these names?

We know these names because of the massive organisations they've started, and for the fame and notoriety they've garnered in the process. Jobs and Woz with their computer; Toyoda and his factory. But how many know the names of the people who dug out the ship?

For hundreds of years, all of society celebrates the wealthy, the powerful, the famous. But we've too long neglected those who do the job simply because it must be done. For it is without these people that our society will simply crumble. Without the captains and sailors of container ships, our economy would stall. Without workers to assemble our wares in factories worldwide, our society would cease. Without the farmers sowing and reaping their fields, our people would go hungry. Without the little backhoe that could, our society would stop.

Because of this, I call upon all people to recognise the contributions of those who are unsung. To acknowledge those who we have failed to for so long. We as humanity need to pull our weight to improve the conditions for those whose lives carry ours. For in doing so, we better ourselves, we better each other, and we make the world a better place.

Our society rides delicately on the backs of the many. We are carried by those who do their job simply because they must. From the grocery store clerk, to the farmer, to the factory worker, to the wonderful people who care for us in the twilight of our lives. Let us see this opportunity, and seize it. Let us recognise this as a time to appreciate our fellows for what they do. Let us do this by action:

Let us not settle for anything less.

With gratitude,


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