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Logan’s Lullabies, Hauntingly Beautiful, Sleep Inducing Songs

by | December 26, 2018

Sleep inducing songs for all those moms and dads who struggle to get their children down to sleep at night time. I still have a hard time each night with my soon to be five-year-old, so much so that I start to have anxiety about bedtime. Every night I have to lay down beside her and play lullabies on Spotify. I was getting tired of the same old songs being played every night. Sandi Thom has released a new album, called Logan’s Lullabies, which features a collection of great soothing songs. The album which was released on December 21st is already saved to my playlist.

Sleep inducing songs


Logan’s Lullabies- One Of The Best Sleep Inducing Songs

Sandi Thom is a singer/songwriter who suffered from postpartum depression after she had her son Logan in 2016. Sandi, who’s single “I wish I was a Punk Rocker” was very popular in 2006, wanted to avoid medicating herself so looked for other ways to treat her PPD. She found that singing and playing music was therapeutic for her, it was a way to find herself again after she’d been lost in the darkness.

The singer and mom found that her son was entranced when she’d sit down at the piano and play. She would sit for hours with Logan in a baby carrier and sing her heart out. This became a wonderful bonding experience for both of them. Sandy recorded her songs, at first to help soothe her son to sleep at night time, and then she realized that she could help other parents who were struggling with the bedtime routine.

Sandy studied sleep vibrations, discovering the right keys that would promote comfort and sleepiness, she focused on those keys and recorded and released her album, Logans Lullabies, for the sleep-deprived parents of the world.

I’m delighted she did. I downloaded the playlist on Spotify this morning, and it’s beautiful. Her haunting voice paired with the sleep inducing songs and musical melodies are sure to put my little one to sleep tonight, and probably me too.

Logans Lullabies is now available to download and stream on I tunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

sleep inducing songs

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