Credit: Image provided by HLFARN

Magnanimous Dairy Cow Rescue in Hawaii Still Ongoing. You Could Be a Help

by | May 10, 2019

After the closure of the Big Island Dairy in O’okala, on Hawai’i Island, more than 2600 cows are now in dire need for new and safer homes, where they’ll be loved. Know more about how you can contribute towards the magnanimous dairy cow rescue.

dairy cow rescue
Credit: Image provided by HLFARN

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More than 2600 Cows Need To Be Rescued and Rehomed From the Shut Down Dairy Farm. Massive Dairy Cow Rescue Operation on the Way

Following the closure of Big Island Dairy in Hawaii Island, as much as 2600 dairy cows need to be rescued. The local animal rescue unit called HLFARN or The Hawaii Lava Flow Animal Rescue Network has been tirelessly functioning to put the dairy cows into safe places, in as many numbers as possible. According to a statement shared with Raise Vegan, they’ve started their rescue operation since the beginning of this year and as per fresh reports, 208 cows have rescued so far. The network has been striving since then to get new shelters for the cows, and are also looking for more funds to help the other remaining hundreds of cows in need. It must be noted that although the number of cows needing help is dwindling, the timeline to save them is growing shorter. It is (the time) determined by the settlement reached within a community group. The next nearest rescue operation by the group is scheduled to go on April 27th, 2019.

The massive rescue operation is undoubtedly not a one man’s job and no way easy. It takes numerous hours of volunteering, dedication, and contributions from the rest of the world. Compassionate adopters play a huge role in the operation, which is unlike any farm rescue that took place before. Ideally, rescued cows often come from cows and calves that fall off from the trailer while being transported or rescued from similar dire situations. And the cows from dairies that are shut off like this case, are most of the time auctioned or sold for slaughter and similar cases, entailing the vicious cycle of pain, torture, and horror. Therefore, it is very necessary to save them from a terrible end.

Credit: Image provided by HLFARN
Magnanimous Dairy Cow Rescue in Hawaii Still Ongoing. You Could Be a Help

“We have a lofty goal of saving at least 10% of the original cows and calves that needed to be rehomed in January (some cows have since birthed new calves, adding to that original number). That’s 260 lives that can be saved thanks to adopters and donors, without whom none of this is possible,” said animal rescuer Alessandra Rupar-Weber, adding that the lives saved till now are due to the donors and adopters, “without whom none of this is possible.

“We still have many challenges ahead of us, sleepless nights and sweaty days, but we are highly motivated to reach our goal and save these amazing, kind, intelligent creatures,” she said.

From Latched to Loved

The rescued cows after they get shelter, and post a certain quarantine period, they find homes in loving families. Then truly comes the often imaginary depiction of happy cows grazing the green fields. Kids bottle feed the calves and the new ‘pets’ come hurrying at feeding time. All these are possible due to the adopters and donators and the dedicated network of volunteers at HLFARN who does everything from outreaching, fundraising to transporting helping adopters with last minute needs.

Credit: Image provided by HLFARN
Magnanimous Dairy Cow Rescue in Hawaii Still Ongoing. You Could Be a Help

The group, with their tireless efforts and dedication, are able to place the cows at private homes, small sanctuaries and ranches, instead of placing them all at one large sanctuary. The rescued cows will finally retire from the tormenting practices of the dairy industry and live the rest of their lives in peace.

“My girls wait for me every morning, eager to receive their breakfast and tolerant of the hugs and kisses we bestow upon them,” said adopter Danielle Spitz.

How You Can Help?

Homes and funds being the two most important requirements, the rescue network is looking for the same through compassionate hearts. They’re desperately looking for Big Island homeowners who can afford to adopt a minimum of two cows or calves, with at least two acres land per cow. The rescue network is critically looking for families that must be able to provide the cows with supplemental water, food, shelter, feed and vet care as required. Although, homes within the island are targeted, nonetheless if enough funds are raised, the cows can be safely shipped to neighboring islands where many sanctuaries and farms where they’re eager to adopt them.

If you think you can adopt, this is just to inform you that these beautiful gentle beasts make excellent lawn mowers and manure generators. There is also a tax incentive available. What’s more, HLFARN will cover the adoption fees, thanks to generous donors, alongside assisting with transportation at need. The adopter must agree not to use the cow for meat and milk. Drop an email at [email protected] if you want to start the adoption process.

Credit: Image provided by HLFARN

In case you’re not in a position to adopt, funds are greatly needed and you could donate via PayPal and Go Fund Me (just designate #HawaiiCowRescue when donating). The funds will be used in various rescue operations like dairy’s fees, transporting from dairy to homes and purchase starter kits for adopters, among others. Donors will receive all the updates and what’s more? They’ll be updated with heartwarming captures of the cows being saved using their help. HLFARN provides community and support via a private Facebook group for members to chat and share stories of the new members, alongside connect with like-minded compassionate individuals.

What do you think about the unprecedented rescue ongoing? Do you think you can be of help? Let me know in comments.

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