McDonalds advertisers take direct aim at your kids through YouTube

by | August 23, 2018

Do your kids feel like they’re friends with ‘Ryan’s Toy Review’, or spend countless hours going through the park with ‘Stacy’? Then I have news for you, from religious advertising to corporate brainwashing. Companies, such as McDonalds are no longer spending their money on large scale televised advertising. 

Instead, they are targeting the YouTube child stars,  who are growing up with parents who are more aware of their food chain, and the industry standards of not caring about the heart disease and long-term health problems associated with eating their foods. So, while you’re creating smoothies in the kitchen, your kids are being brainwashed into thinking their peers are eating McDonalds with the cool toys, and smiling happy faces.


According to Forbes’ magazine, Ryan is the 8th highest paid YouTube entrepreneur, having brought in $11 million in revenue between 2016 and 2017, and currently has one of the highest watched videos on the platform, “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge” receiving over 1.4 billion views as of July 2018. Do not underestimate the power of kids watching kids. 

Not Just McDonalds 

McDonalds isn’t the only corporation pouring money into brainwashing children, popular children’s channels that by title would give you the impression of their message which is wholly different from what they are really delivering to impressional kids. 

Veggie Tales Official

The short cartoons with animated and talking vegetables reenact scenes from Bible stories, sometimes giving them an added funny storyline to keep younger audiences entertained and captive throughout the video. The addictive characters don’t just settle for showing scenes from the Bible, they also sing to encourage kids to remember what they have learned from watching the videos. The Veggie Tales Official channel specifically caters to young children.

How to keep your kids safe from predatory advertising? 

Make a playlist. 

Videos keep going, and unless you’re sitting there watching it with them, the algorithms will choose what they think your child will want to watch. Make a play-list of pre-approved videos, so when the playlist stops, it will just loop over again, and there is no chance of them watching videos you don’t want to see. 

Beware of a phenomenon known as YouTube Poop.

These are videos that start out looking innocent but take an objectionable turn. They can surprise your kids with obscenities, scary images, and adult plot lines. Your best defense is to watch a video all the way through.

Turn off autoplay 

This prevents the algorithms from picking and then automatically showing your kids the next videos. Keep in mind that video producers can game the system and trick YouTube’s algorithm into showing their video next, even if it’s not completely relevant or safe. Also, AutoPlay doesn’t always play a video from the same channel you’re watching.

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