The Key To Your Target Demographic 

Here at Raise Vegan, our unique and loyal community makes the perfect platform for ethics-focused brands to reach their target demographic. Whether you hope to appeal to new moms, conscious shoppers, growing families, eco-warriors, or even just every day vegans, we’ve got you covered — from our popular quarterly magazine to our Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting Facebook group, the fastest growing network of vegan parents in the world. 

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Raise Vegan Magazines


“I couldn’t be happier with Raise Vegan! They always offer premium ad space at incredibly reasonable rates and go out of their way to accommodate the needs of my business. I cannot recommend their advertising (or their articles) enough.”

– Patrick Norton, Founder of Hero Pet Supplies


About Raise Vegan

Inspired by the lack of information for parents to raise their children on a plant-based diet, Raise Vegan Founder Janet Kearney set out to smash misconceptions of vegan children and families, and started the Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting community online. As the community exploded, with thousands of members coming together to change the world, Emily Wood joined her as partner and founder of Raise Vegan and the rest is history.

This is where the world’s first digital and print magazine dedicated solely to vegan parents and families was born, and where it continues to grow today!

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