‘Mom Rage’ It’s a thing that even the stars suffer from

by | September 9, 2018

Jennifer Garner may act the spiteful mom in her upcoming film Peppermint, yet, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t suffer from mom rage herself! 

The award-winning actress said that she can suffer from a little impatience also on Late Night With Seth Meyers, while the rest of us shouted ‘See, they ARE just like us!’ 

While discussing the movie, Garner described her role as “deeply cathartic” and explained she sometimes related to her character’s rage.

“There’s something about making this movie that plays out every bit of mom rage you’ve ever had on the playground or every bit of mom rage you’ve ever had, like, when your child is put in the back of a class and you feel they should be in the front. Or their feelings are hurt,” she said.

The star who said it has been at least ten years since her last action movie, discussed how her eldest child was only learning basic crawling at the time! 

Still, the Alias star didn’t encourage moviegoers to act like her character Riley—a mother who spends years training to take on crooked cops and criminals after her family is murdered. 

“It is a fantasy. It’s not a how-to video,” she quipped at one point.

Garner shares her three children—SamuelViolet ,and Seraphina—with her ex Ben Affleck. When she’s not righting her kids’ wrongs, she’s enjoying family activities and laughable moments. During her interview, for instance, she recalled how her son wrote “fart” across her planner and how her younger daughter knitted her a 12-foot long scarf to wear to her school.

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