When Can You Move Your Toddler To A ‘Big Kid’ Bed?

by | January 17, 2018

When do you choose to move your precious little toddler to a big kid bed?

If your baby/toddler already sleeps in a crib then you’re already halfway to getting them to sleep in a ‘big kid’ bed. Moving them to their own bed is a sign of them growing up, and many parents struggle with this. Kids all grow up in their own time and some may be ready to move to a bigger bed sooner than others.

Here are some situations where you might consider moving your toddler to a ‘big kid’ bed.

1. Your toddler is at the point they understand boundaries.

If your child immediately climbs out of the bed when you put them in it, they’re probably not ready. But if they’re tired and you lie with them and they understand they need to stay in their own bed and not run straight into mom and dad’s bed they may be ready to move to their own bed.

2. Your toddler asks about their own bed.

If your child seems to have an interest in having their own bed this may be a good sign that they are coming around to the idea of it by themselves. If they are at the age they can verbalize these feelings it is highly likely they understand boundaries too.

3. Your child is climbing out of their crib.

If your child is able to climb out of their crib you should definitely think about moving your toddler to a big kid bed. It becomes a safety issue when they realize they can escape their crib. You may choose to co-sleep for a time if your child is not comfortable being by themselves in their own bed, but if they can climb out of their crib they should be moved out of it.

4. Your child starts showing negativity towards their crib.

If your toddler has an older sibling then this is probably more likely to happen. Younger kids always see the older ones as role models and will try to copy everything they do. Which can be good. For example, if they see the older sibling in their own bed they might be more inclined to want their own bed too.

5. Your child is okay being in a room by themselves.

This is probably the hardest one for parents to think about. Would you be comfortable if your child got up in the middle of the night, or was awake before you in the morning, and was left to their own devices? If your answer is no, then you’re probably better off leaving your child in their crib if they’re not crawling out of it, or consider co-sleeping.

When did you decide to move your toddler to a ‘big kid’ bed? Let us know in the comment below!

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