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Must See: Vegan Athletes James Wilks And Patrik Baboumian In Ultimate Piers Morgan Take Down

by | October 7, 2019

Piers Morgan had his negative views on veganism thrown into question this morning after watching Patrik Baboumian, world-famous vegan strong man, carry four people across the studio floor of Good Morning Britain.

Baboumian appeared on the show with former Ultimate Fighting Champion James Wilks to show the world that incredible strength can be built on an animal-conscious diet.

Morgan, who is often very outspoken in his anti-vegan views, argued with Wilks and Baboumian throughout their segment of the show, claiming that 20 years ago nobody had even heard of veganism, and calling it a “new cult.”

Before watching the amazing display of strength, Morgan suggested that Baboumian’s basic strength must have initially come from eating meat, among other sceptical statements. Wilks offered a confident rebuttal to each of Morgan’s claims.

After watching  Baboumian lift four people across the studio, Piers asked Wilks if there was a link between physical strength and eating meat, to which Wilks simply replied no.

Game Changers Movie Poster
The hotly anticipated film came out just last month (Source: @gamechangersmovie/Instagram)

The Game Changers

Baboumian took to Instagram after his appearance on Good Morning Britain to share that Morgan had now promised to watch recently released documentary The Game Changers. 

This documentary features Wilks exploring the benefits of plant-based eating in the sporting world, and includes interviews with elite athletes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Baboumian himself.

Germany’s Strongest Man

Having converted to a vegetarian diet at the age of 26, and then to veganism at the age of 32, 40 year old Baboumian credits his current vegan diet for his incredible strength.

Baboumian won the title of Germany’s Strongest Man in 2011, when he was following a vegetarian diet, butexplainedon Good Morning Britain that he was “doing better” after he went vegan, and went on to break several more world records.

You can watch the whole video here.

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