My Kid Eats A Burger Every Day

by | September 14, 2018

Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat revealed to the BBC in an interview that his 12-year-old son eats a burger every day, well almost every day.

That might not sound like a diet a vegan parent would want for their child, but Mr. Brown has no worries letting his son eat a burger every day, because the burger patties come from his own company, Beyond Meat. And they are completely plant-based. “My son’s getting clean protein… and no cholesterol,” Brown said. “He’s growing like crazy right now so I want him to have that protein”.

Ethan Brown is on a mission to redefine the word meat. “There’s no mystery to meat,” he says. “It’s amino acids, lipids, trace minerals and water and if you can deliver those four things in the same blueprint or architecture as muscle – why can’t that be called meat?”

Brown’s business, based in Los Angeles makes vegan burger patties, chicken strips and sausages from plant proteins. They are formulated to mimic the taste, texture and look of beef, chicken, and pork. The burgers get their coloring from beet extract. But can you eat a burger every day?

burger every day

More than 25 million Beyond Burgers have been sold since the launch in 2016 at a whole foods market in Colorado, and earlier this summer the company launched the product in the UK and mainland Europe.

Before he launched Beyond Meat, Alton Brown worked as a hydrogen fuel cell developer in the alternative energy industry. Brown enjoyed the work but he wanted to focus on reducing the environmental footprint that livestock has on the planet.

Beyond Burgers are stocked by 8,000 supermarkets, and are served in thousands of restaurants across the U.S.

In the UK It was due to be on sale at supermarket chain Tesco starting last month, but that has been delayed until later in the year because they were struggling to keep up with existing demand, both in the US and overseas.

Beyond Burgers are so good, no one can deny that, but would you let your child eat a burger every day?

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