NBA Goes Plant Based

by | January 5, 2018

Plant Based Goes Mainstream in the NBA

Have you seen the latest Nike commercial with NBA star Kyrie Irving where he shows off his superhuman skills? At the end former NFL player Tim Tebow asks him how he does it. Irving answers, “it’s simple, a plant based diet”.

Kyrie is part of a list of NBA athletes ditching meat.

Brooklyn Nets Jahlil Okafor, Denver Nuggets Wilson Chandler and Portland Trailblazers Damian Lillard have all made the switch. They also openly share all the benefits they’ve experienced after their lifestyle change, from improved stamina to being less injury prone.

According to Bleacher Report Irving says “It works…I mean, I’m not eating a whole bunch of animals anymore. Once you become awake, you don’t see that stuff anymore”. Not only does he feel better overall, he’s slimmer and has more energy. His performance on the court has also seen some improvements. He’s gone from being a not so good defender on the court to being ranked top 5 this season.

As with the outside world, there still exists the challenge of the lack of food options and the temptations are still there. From locker room wing days to team steak dinners. They also don’t get to skip out on being taunted by fellow omni team members.

Those players that have experience the incredible effects of a plant-based diet have not given in or been swayed by those challenges. With their comfortable salaries they are able to failure proof their diet and hire personal chefs and professionals to guide them along the way as they continue on their journey.   

The surge in plant-based, vegan and vegetarian athletes in the NBA has definitely not gone unnoticed. Kip Andersen, the director of the What The Health documentary, jokingly told Bleacher Report Magazine that his friends tell him that the NBA will soon be called the National Vegan Association, because “that’s how many players are going vegan or vegetarian”.

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