Nearly 40% of Russian Believe That A Vegan Diet Is Bad For You.

by | August 8, 2018

A recent poll shows that nearly 40% of Russians believe a vegan diet is bad for you.

A recent poll conducted in Russia showed that although vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming mainstream worldwide. In the eyes of the Russian, they are viewed negatively, with over a third of the respondents stating that it is not good for your health to only sustain on plants.
The state-run research company VTSIOM, who conducted the survey only last month, reported that a staggering thirty-nine percent of Russians feel that following a plant-based diet could negatively impact your health. With only twenty percent of them agreeing that a vegetarian diet may improve or good for you, but mostly feeling a vegan diet is bad for you and your health.
Unfortunately, only 1% of the poll takers had stated that they personally followed a vegan diet.

The reasons behind their belief are that following a vegan diet would leave the person lacking in vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal health, and only eating animal products would be able to provide them. A large portion of the people, 28% of them, stated that humans simply couldn’t thrive on a vegan diet, they needed animal-based protein, especially for development, and that eating a ‘balanced’ diet, which included animal-based foods is what they would consider balanced, and this is why they felt a vegan diet is bad for you.

About 15 percent said that vegetarian foods were good because they were “light,” while 14 percent mentioned the absence of allegedly hazardous cholesterol-causing ingredients and 12 percent said food producers put more harmful additives in non-vegetarian products. Some of the respondents said that there were more vitamins in vegetarian food.

The agency conducted the survey on July 31 based on phone interviews with 1,000 respondents above 18. The margin of error does not exceed 2.5% at the 95% confidence level.

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