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New Study Shows Link Between Pregnancy and Mental Health

by | May 28, 2019

A woman’s relationship with her mental health during pregnancy can often be a reflection of what it was like before getting pregnant. It can ever heighten certain physical or mental ailments that a mom-to-be has experienced in the past. According to a newly released study that was published in the Psychological Assessment journal, a woman’s pre-existing feelings about the transformation of their bodies from non-pregnant to pregnant can give insight on a mother’s postpartum relationship with her child as well as possible predictions about one’s mental health after giving birth.

Continue reading below to learn more about the findings from this study.

New Study Shows Link Between Pregnancy and Mental Health
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New Study Shows Link Between Pregnancy and Mental Health

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New Study Shows Link Between Pregnancy and Mental Health

In the study which recorded the responses from over 600 pregnant women, participants were asked about their satisfaction levels concerning how they looked while pregnant, weight gain, as well as other physical changes occurring during pregnancy. The correlation between a woman’s body perception during her pregnancy and post-delivery mental health was supported by data collected.

Women who were deemed to have a more positive view of their pregnant bodies were found to have a higher chance of carrying-out positive relationships with their newborn baby and significant other as well as having a lower rate of depression and anxiety overall.

On the other side of the spectrum, women who were deemed to have a more negative body perception were found to have higher rates of depression and anxiety, and were watched in order to keep an eye on possible PPD symptoms.

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New Study Shows Link Between Pregnancy and Mental Health

Catherine Preston, an expert in the psychology of body image spoke to this link between pregnancy and a woman’s mental health. She mentions how mental health during and after pregnancy is a part of the puzzle that needs to have more light shed on for both the well-being of the mother and the newborn baby.

Women are under constant pressure about their appearance during pregnancy and after birth. It is important therefore that pregnancy care is not just about the physical health of the mother and the health of the unborn child, but also about women’s emotional well-being…

Catherine Preston, psychology expert in body image at the University of York in England

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