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Veganism. The Fastest Growing Health Movement Ever.

Veganism, it's growing. Even families are going vegan by the thousand. A new survey by Quartz states veganism is one of the biggest food trends this year. Three years ago, there wasn’t the large amount of buzz and attention surrounding veganism like we see today....

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Lower Insurance Rates For Vegans?

An Israeli based insurance company has started a new initiative to give residents following a plant-based diet lower insurance rates. The initiative is being rolled out by Clal Insurance and is called Vegans Pay Less (VPL), and is reportedly being supported by finance...

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Is The Dairy Industry Vanishing?

Experts claim the dairy industry will be obsolete in as little as five to ten years. During a recent dairy conference in Glasgow, Scotland, a number of industry panelists made statements that the dairy industry could be completely over taken by plant based substitutes...

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