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Breastfeeding For Working Moms: A Guide From Experience

In today’s society, many women decide to return to work after having a baby. That’s great, of course, but comes with some challenges if you’re planning on breastfeeding — challenges which may make it seem impossible. So, today, I — Katie Hill, Raise Vegan contributor and intern — would like […]

Essential Guide to Making Homemade Vegan Baby Food

Are you a new parent, or expecting, and plan on making your vegan baby’s meals at home? Feeding your little one plant-based, homemade food will ensure they are receiving beneficial nutrients from the moment they start eating solids. It will also instill a taste for healthy meals early on. Here […]

Your Complete Guide to Eating Vegan in Denver

There’s no doubt that the vegan movement’s on the rise in Mile High City. Whether you’re visiting or living in Denver, Colorado, you’ll have access not only to its vibrant art scene and colorful people, but a variety of vegan hot spots and events boasting delicious plant-based fare. It might […]

Dr. Garth Davis Fights to Drop Protein Quota From 2020 Dietary Guidelines

Plant-based diet advocate, Dr. Garth Davis recently advised the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to do away with its existing protein recommendation. The medical doctor and nutrition expert told the group — which will make decisions surrounding the dietary guide to be released in the US next year — that […]


Get ready for a worldwide tour of brands producing vegan and eco-friendly feminine products! This guide was developed as a peek into the histories and philosophies of brands at the forefront of femtech for period care and also as an exploration of the wide-ranging advocacy work all these companies pursue. […]

Planning to Raise Vegan Kids? Here’s A Guide On Cutting Out Meat

So, as a family, you have decided to make the transition to veganism- Congratulations! Although going vegan immediately from an omnivore lifestyle is possible and many people do it, the most common way to get there is by first becoming vegetarian then transitioning into veganism. And if you’re planning to […]

A Simple Guide on Eating Vegan At Taco Bell

Wondering if it’s possible to eat vegan at Taco Bell? It is and here’s how… Quick, cheap, and delicious, Taco Bell is one of my favorite places to stop int when I want a “treat yourself” quick meal on-the-go. It already has a designated vegetarian menu and they are currently […]

A Vegan’s Guide to Eating Plant-Based at Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a favorite for many. Although I don’t consider it as coming close to real, authentic Mexican cuisine, I sure do love it for what it is! It’s no secret that they are majorly vegetarian-friendly but did you know that they are also super vegan-friendly? Grab the […]

Screen Time Guide for Children by World Health Organization May Shock You

Whether it’s a smartphone, television, gaming console or a computer, the time you and your family spend in front of screens is probably more than you think it is. Although we have tips for you to manage your kid’s screen time and even ways to help you manage your own, […]

Disney Extends its Magic: Vegan Food Guide Available in Pamphlets

In a detailed and categorized chart, Disney World added pamphlets about vegan foods availability in its information kiosk. The recent addition to their information kiosk will help plant-based eaters to easily spot their cup of teas in the park area. Know more about the vegan food guide here. Photo by Skylar […]

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