Parenting Support: Mantras to Remember

by | September 13, 2017

Parenting Support from Raise Vegan

Parenting is no picnic. Unless of course, that picnic you’re talking about has been organized by circus clowns, underwater. While, you’re responsible for keep the sandwiches from getting wet. From all of us at Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting, we’ve been there, and we want to offer you parenting support during these tough times.

Children are amazing creatures, so pure and innocent, so unrelenting and impatient! We all have those days where we just want to scream but there are also many more moments which melt our hearts and remind us how lucky we are to be a part of our children’s lives. In those times that test your patience, it can help to give yourself a little reminder that you are doing a great job and will be rewarded with sweet smiles and kisses before you know it.
Parenting Support Mantras to Remember
These quotes and proverbs may help you to take a breath and step back to put things into perspective:
“A baby is born with the need to be loved- and never outgrows it”
 Frank A. Clark
“The most important thing she’d learned over the years is that there is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one”
Jill Churchill
“A mother understands what a child does not say”
“A child must know he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there has not been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child quite like him”
Pablo Casals
“Honor a child and they will honor you”
African proverb
“Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them”
Lady Bird Johnson
“The sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior; the sign of truly great parenting is the parent’s behavior”
Andy Smithson
“Children close their ears to advice but open their eyes to example”
“The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them”
Frank A. Clark
“There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one”
Sue Atkins




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