PETA Offers NRA $100k To Get Rid Of Trump’s Membership

by | August 9, 2018

PETA offers NRA the huge sum of $100,000 in exchange for animal-friendly reforms.

In a shock move, PETA president tweeted a picture of Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, the Presidents’ sons, stating that the organization would give $100,000 to the National Rifle Association (NRA) if the financially unstable gun rights organization moves to ban animal trophy hunters. Both of Trump’s eldest sons are trophy hunters.

President of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk made the offer to the NRA in a donation letter to the organization’s Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre, on Tuesday. In addition to her letter where PETA offers NRA ‘bail-out’ money, she laid out terms of denying memberships to animal trophy hunters and to stop the promotion of assault weapons for hunting. Newkirk also tweeted the NRA should remove “gormless pathetic twits” posting a picture of Trump’s sons, posing with a leopard they reportedly killed during an African safari trip in 2011.

Just days before news broke that PETA offers NRA the large sum of money, it was reported that the NRA, which has recently sued the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and financial regulators, warned in a court filing that the organization has lost its insurance coverage, which will jeopardize its day-to-day operations.

This is not the first time that PETA has targeted the Trump brothers, they previously put up billboards on the Mexico/Texas border calling for Trump Jr. to be deported for hunting animals.

When asked about the specifics of how PETA offers NRA $100,000, Newkirk reportedly laughed and said: “we have it”.

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