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PETA’s Video of Men with Vegetable Penises is Weird AF

by | January 22, 2019

According to PETA, “traditional masculinity is dead!” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have released a video where creepy dudes dance around with vegetable penises hanging from their nether regions. I never want to eat another cucumber again.

vegetable penises
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PETA’s Video of Men with Vegetable Penises is Weird AF

What the actual f**k were they thinking? I feel like I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to avoid dick pics, and here’s PETA swinging phallic shaped veggies in my face. I don’t understand the point of the video. Creepy dudes, dancing and gyrating with enormous vegetable penises swinging around between their legs just don’t do it for me.

Are they trying to get us to eat more vegetables? If thats the point of this, I think they’ve missed the mark completely. The last thing I’m putting in my mouth is something that reminds me of a penis. “Traditional masculinity is DEAD,” says PETA. “The secret to male sexual stamina is veggies.” Ummm no, just no.

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I’ve seen some bizarre stuff in my day, and I’m no prude by any measure but this video has to be the dumbest f**king thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks PETA, I feel a bit violated after watching that. I’m pretty sure that the organization was just trying to benefit from the media storm that the Gillette ad created. I find it absurd, to be honest. What exactly are they trying to say here? Men have better sexual stamina if they eat vegetables? Have you seen the men in this video? They look sickly, slimy, and creepy AF. I think I’d rather put my mouth around a hot dog. Ugh I’m gagging.

I feel dirty after watching that. In fact, I’m sitting here in a state of confusion, shock, and disgust. When I first clicked on the video, I was ready for a giggle. I thought maybe it was going to be funny. As a waitress, I’ve seen my fair share of giant carrots and cucumbers, and I’ve listened to the same bad joke about them over and over. But this video isn’t funny, not even slightly. I can never unsee those vegetable penises.

Anyway, here we all are, talking about PETA. Mission accomplished I guess.

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