Pizza Giants Domino’s and Pizza Hut Go Head To Head For Vegan Market In Australia

by | May 5, 2018

Pizza Giants Dominos and Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut announced that they are starting a trial of pizzas with vegan cheese in select locations in New South Wales, Australia, with an aim to roll it out to all locations if the trial is deemed a success. Judging by Dominos launch in January, and the resulting success, it may become a permanent addition to the menu across Pizza Hut also.

As the vegan market in Australia and around the world grows, stories such as the one where, Pizza Hut was recently in the spotlight in the United States, after staff assured a family, that their pizza would be made with vegan cheese, and instead serving up cow’s dairy to the toddler, who suffered from severe allergies.


According to MSN, Sajid Hussain’s two-year-old son has a serious dairy allergy, and Hussain said employees at the Blackpool Pizza Hut assured him when he ordered that the child’s pizza would be made with vegan cheese. Hussain said he checked again with employees when the pizza was delivered to make sure the cheese was dairy-free, and once he was assured again, he let his son eat it.

But Hussain said that not long after eating the pizza, the two-year-old stopped responding to his parents, then started vomiting and struggling to breathe. He was rushed by ambulance to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where he was hospitalized for two days for treatment. Hussain described it as a horrific, traumatic experience.


A Pizza Hut spokesperson reportedly said the company was very sorry about the incident and had been in contact with the family.

“We realize it was an unacceptable situation and have already completed an internal investigation with the Hut, which found that the wrong pizza was given to the family as a result of human error,” the spokesperson reportedly said.

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Dominos meanwhile, not content with just vegan pizzas, has mouths watering over their announcement of cheesy garlic bread that might be joining their menu. Teasing followers of their social media with the line ‘Would you try…’




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