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Pizza Hut UK Celebrates Veganuary with Vegan Jack-fruit Pizza

by | January 5, 2019

To celebrate Veganuary, Pizza Hut UK is launching a vegan jackfruit pizza that will be available at all of their UK locations. The pizza chain giant is building on their 2017 vegan menu options and teasing that it could possibly become a permanent menu item if they can sell ten thousand vegan pizzas during Veganuary.

Pizza Hut UK Celebrates Veganuary with Vegan Jack-fruit Pizza

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Pizza Hut UK Celebrates Veganuary with Vegan Jack-fruit Pizza

The Vegan ‘Jack ‘n’ Ch**se’ Pizza has a tomato base, Violife vegan cheese, sweetcorn, red onions, peppers, and BBQ Jackfruit with a BBQ drizzle. All of Pizza Hut UK’s Vegan pizzas are available in a Pan, All American Thin and Gluten Free base.

They made vegan cheese a permanent option last year, after a trial run in five of their UK locations proved very successful. The chain also offers vegan crusts and a host of non-meat toppings. While there’s been no mention of a launch in the US (boo, come on Pizza Hut, we kind of LOVE pizza over here) more than 40 pizza chains in the US offer vegan cheese, and some have vegan meat toppings. PETA wants US vegans to contact Pizza Hut and tell them to wake up, we want vegan stuffings too!

Sales will be monitored and tracked on Pizza Hut UK’s “vegan-o-meter” on their twitter account. Kathryn Austin, Director of HR and Marketing at Pizza Hut, says that they love innovating and offering choices to their customers, and if the ‘Jack and Ch**se’ pizza proves to be as popular as they think, they’ll keep it on their menu offers.

Pizza Hut UK extends their vegan products range

As part of their marketing strategy, Pizza Hut has announced a competition. If customers post a picture of their jack-fruit pizza on Instagram with the hashtag #IWantYouJack, and follow Pizza Hut UK on Instagram they will be entered to win a £100 gift card.


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