BREAKING NEWS! Pizza Hut Menu Has Vegan Cheese In Every UK Location

by | November 27, 2017

After the widely popular news that McDonald’s were releasing a vegan burger. Pizza Hut Menu has now jumped on the bandwagon and announced that they are launching vegan cheese in every location.

Customers can now ask for Violife Vegan Cheese instead of cows milk cheese for an extra £1. While it’s not yet available for deliveries, it’s going to be in all their restaurant outlets. Apparently, Pizza Hut had an eight week trial in Canterbury, Crawley, Bluewater, Thanet and Chatham, all locations throughout the United Kingdom. With it being such an amazing success. They are planning on capitalizing on the ever growing vegan population.

pizza hut vegan cheese

Pizza Hut currently has 262 locations throughout the United Kingdom, and if they keep catering to vegans. They might find themselves with a lot more customers due to their new pizza hut menu, that they are about to launch.

During the test, PETA and other organisations praised the company’s effort to provide an animal product-free pizza. ‘With a vegan crust, delicious Violife cheese, and a ton of veggie toppings available, Pizza Hut has the opportunity to become a hot spot for people looking to reduce their contribution to animal suffering and environmental destruction as well as to improve their own health,’ a PETA spokesperson says.

‘Yes, the reports are true,’ confirms Gareth Hopley, Head of Communications at Pizza Hut Menu Restaurants. 

‘After an amazing customer response to our vegan cheese trial earlier this year, we’re pleased to announce that the dairy-free alternative will now be served in all of our restaurants nationwide and feature as a permanent fixture on our menus’.



Let’s hope Pizza Hut Menu continues on it’s vegan crusade, and brings vegan cheese to its stores in the United States and the rest of the world!






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