Educating your child about bodies and gender doesn’t need to be complex.

Planned Parenthood Being Epic (Again) Helping Explain Gender To Young Kids

by | November 3, 2018

Planned Parenthood is an excellent initiative and a front-runner for reproductive health, women’s right to affordable contraception and sex education.

Millions of teens, men and women have drawn benefits from their affordable and quality reproductive health care services.

Planned Parenthood is specifically dedicated to empower teens and women with information on effective birth control methods. Apart from this, they extend their services to vital segments like cancer detection and screening, emergency contraceptives, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases etc.

Raising a happy child is far more important than conforming to perceived societal stereo types about gender identity

Lately, their educational outreach has been lauded more than ever. Planned Parenthood has come up with educational videos to teach preschoolers basics about gender identity and consent. These videos are an excellent tool for parents to teach young kids all about body anatomy and unsafe touch.

Now before someone raises eyebrows, let me clarify- yes preschoolers do need to be taught about body anatomy. This is crucial. And it isn’t just for one reason- kids would be able to identify bad touch by others and reciprocate about it to their parents. Understanding one’s own gender identity, being respectful of it and expressing the same without any shame- empowers kids in numerous ways. Such kids turn out to be respectful towards people around them and be more accepting of different choices made by other people. A kid, happily expressing his gender identity, lives a content life as an adult.

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Thinking about how to talk to your kid about their body?

Here’s how.

Build a positive body image for your child

According to Planned Parenthood, preschool years are the best time to talk to your kid about their body. The best way to do so is to have a clear talk with your child on body basics and gender differences. The video asks parents not to be upset or angry when their kid puts up any uncomfortable question. Do not use nicknames for genitals, as it send the wrong message of it being something to be ashamed of. Building a positive body image is the foundation element in raising a happy child.

Watch this video by Planned Parenthood to learn about how to talk to preschoolers on body anatomy

Be careful about gender stereotypes

There are no clear cut black and whites in real life. Similarly, there isn’t any right or wrong when it comes to gender expression. The video guide, put out by Planned Parenthood, addresses this exact notion ofstereotyping ‘blue for boys’ and ‘pink for girls’. Be mindful of your kid’s personality and choice. This is the only right way to raise a child comfortable in its own skin.

Understanding the basic difference between gender identity and gender expression

Watch out this video to understand the basic difference between gender identity and gender expression.

If your young boy finds pleasure in playing with dolls, it doesn’t mean he feels like a girl from inside. Choice of color or toys doesn’t decide your kid’s gender identity. In fact, there isn’t any set of rules that certain colors or toys are meant for girls or vice versa. I repeat, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to gender expression. A choice is what it is, just a choice!

Life isn’t complicated, we just make it. Simplify life for your kid by establishing basic boundaries, teaching gender differences and letting them blossom to their full potential.

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