Online Post Reminds Us Why Vegan Parents Get So Much Judgment

by | July 18, 2018

Facebook – the land of mommywars, disapproving and sometimes cutting remarks, where friends are made and support can be found. Yet, it’s also the place, where the unimaginable happens, as with vegan parents recently.


In a recent Facebook group, a friend of a mom in the United States posted seeking advice from fellow parents. While not wanting to appear as meddling, she mentioned that instead of breastmilk or formula, these parents had fallen so far down the proverbial rabbit hole of being serotypical ‘vegan parents.’ That they had decided that giving their six-day-old baby ‘organic olive oil’, was the right choice.


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Being holistic is a great choice, being vegan and healthy, better. Giving your six-day-old infant olive oil? Not so much.

There are millions of parents around the world who are raising thriving healthy vegan kids, but the only ones that ever make it into mainstream media, are the parents, who eschew all types of medical and dietary advice, and feel what they decided is better, and in some cases, that is certainly true. Making every single parent who is raising a vegan kid take the brunt of the worrying world onto their doorsteps.

However, the rising number of homemade formula recipes online, and vegan parents who decide that commercially bought infant formula has ‘too many chemicals’, are happy to put the life of their children in peril, for the sake of being more natural – and quite frankly, it has to stop.

Italy not too long ago, wanted to ban children from being raised vegan because of decisions like these, and currently there is a case of a family in Australia, who didn’t seek out treatment for their toddler who had rickets and other health problems from being ‘vegan’, but had to be reported when the child became too ill and ended up in a hospital.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t veganism. Making your own formula, giving your child olive oil at six days old, refusing to take your child for medical treatment.  That is simply just bad parenting, and in some cases, neglect and abuse.

Stop being terrible parents, and using veganism as a veil to practice bad parenting.



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2 Responses to “Online Post Reminds Us Why Vegan Parents Get So Much Judgment”

  1. Dani
    July 20th, 2018 @ 3:53 pm

    This is si true. You can find examples of bad parenting in both vegans and omnivorous parents but people love to underline the vegan part so they justify their own cruel and unhealthy habits.

  2. Darcy Reeder
    July 20th, 2018 @ 5:58 pm

    Love this. You nailed it. And really, really, really hoping that baby’s parents were convinced to use just breastmilk and/or formula right away!

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