How To Potty Train With Results

by | January 13, 2018

This is going to sound ridiculous, but my kids basically potty trained themselves.

With my older daughter, I thought it was a fluke. But when my second was basically potty trained by age 2, I realized that I have this down! Honestly, I have no idea how this happened. I had no plan, I went with the flow and followed the same flow with my second child, so I guess it works! So I decided to write about how to potty train with results.
The guidelines below, I randomly did with my first (without knowing they would work), then did again with my second and had success.
  1. Let your kids watch you use the bathroom. This may happen anyway (Mom life!), but I always allowed my kids to come in and watch. At some point, they start to realize that mommy and daddy use the toilet when they need to go, maybe that’s what I should do! Also, what kid doesn’t want to be like their parents?
  2. Bring them to pick out their own training potty. Allowing them to pick the potty they want will assure you that they have good feelings towards it. They can find their favorite color or character.
  3. Leave the potty in a common area so it is visible at all times. Maybe a training potty doesn’t make for the most gorgeous piece of furniture, but this will assure that the potty will always be on your child’s mind and they will use it when they need to. With both of my girls, I had a potty in our family room from the time they turned 1 until they were fully trained. They may not use it for a year, but they can get use to the idea of having it.
  4. On that note, don’t push it!!! Whenever I see a mother completely stressed out from potty training, I always notice she is pushing her kid to the point that the child wants to do the opposite. Like I said, I had a potty way before even thinking about training. This gave my girls time to take it in, and they knew they didn’t have to use it but it was there if they wanted. After a couple months, they both used it on their own without me even asking. I literally walked into a room to them with their diapers off, on the potty! Letting them decide when they want to use it helps them not feel pushed or pressured. A pressured child will rebel, and I’m not just talking potty training!
  5. Celebrate, but don’t reward. I’ve known people who give their kids candy or toys when they use the potty. This wasn’t my style. I didn’t want to give my kids the idea that when they do something they are suppose to do, they can have candy for it. Instead, we sung a special song (super simple, “Pee-Pee in the Potty” to the rhythm of the Congo), and did a fun dance. They loved it every time and always got a kick out of Mommy and Daddy being silly.
  6. Once the ball is rolling and they’ve been using the potty often, let them pick out their own underwear. My older daughter was really into Frozen, so when she got to pick out Frozen underwear and wear them daily, she was so excited! This gave her a goal everyday, and she never had an accident either! Those underwear were like gold to her!
  7. Bring a portable potty in the car. They make collapsing little on-the-go toilets you can bring in the car. Do you know how many times we’d be just getting on the highway and someone needed the bathroom? With this, you can pull over and let them go right there in the car. How you dispose of it is your business!
  8. Make sure they empty upon waking, before bed, and before leaving the house. Doing this gets them used to going when they need to. Most kids will hold it in until they are ready and end up having an accident. Always making sure they go right away will prevent that.
  9. Get some potty training books and shows. Learning about and seeing other kids learning to use the bathroom helps them see that they aren’t alone. There is even a great episode of Daniel Tiger where they sing a little song to help them learn to go potty as soon and they need to. We sing it often around here!
  10. Accidents happen! Don’t get down on your child or yourself if they have an accident. Progress, not perfection, right? They will feel bad enough as it is after an accident. Just let them know that it’s okay and they are still learning. We’ve all been there and next time they will be sure to make it to the potty.
I hope this helps! I know with my kids I really made for an easy experience. Every kid is different, so some of these you may or may not use but remember that eventually they all end up trained. So don’t stress yourself over it! Talk to other mothers and see what they use. Implement your own ideas.
Happy Training!

Lauren Nastasi. Lauren is a Wife, Mom, and friend to all animals. She lives in NJ with her family and pug, Ginger. You can find her on social media @LaurenGinger or her blog NaturallyLauren


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