Why Raise Kids Vegan?

by | January 10, 2018

Veganism is on the rise around the world. With record numbers signing up for causes such as veganuary, articles on explaining veganism to kids gently, and even major health organizations backing a vegan diet. 

Yet, why raise kids vegan?

Apart from the overwhelming evidence that the agricultural practices of today are destroying our planet, and diets that are heavy in animal based proteins are destroying our health.  

Especially now that main stream media outlets are declaring that not only is raising a child to eat meat bad for their health, it’s outright abusive. With the Independent going further to explain, “Vegan diets can be suitable for anyone, of any age. That’s the position of the British Dietetic Association, the qualified experts. Vegan or otherwise, all parents should take care to ensure that their children get the right nutrition. But, given that babies and children can get everything they need and more from a vegan diet, why does the concept provoke such judgement, fear and anger?”



With the recent news that British Dietetic Association are now fully backing a vegan diet due to its health benefits, and the news that red meat is a known carcinogenic. Raising children on a plant based diet to avoid the health implications later in life seems like a logical step for any parent.

Parents are a little hesitant about excluding the meat, dairy and eggs from a diet because they simply don’t know what to replace it with is not an excuse anymore.  There are countless meal plans online, Dietitians groups on Facebook, where you can ask questions all week long.



Although we maintain that the future is indeed vegan. We do have real mental health implications of raising children to  love and care for animals, and then eat them at the same time. Where we take them to farms, and sanctuaries. Cheer on the animals in the movies to get away from the ghastly humans trying to kill them. Then turn around and do the same thing. Of course it’s conflicting to a small mind.



Industrial agriculture is one of the most unsustainable practices we have in modern civilization. The process is responsible for not only the abuse of millions of animals worldwide daily, but also the abuse of land and natural resources to produce as much food as possible. The current global factory farming industry is responsible for one third of green house gasses. It is also entirely dependent on pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and fossil fuels for transportation.








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