Ready For These Permanent Changes To Your Body After Pregnancy?

by | September 8, 2018

Did you ever think there would be any other permanent changed after pregnancy apart from, ya know, having a new human to care for? Well, there may be some permanent changes to your body after pregnancy.

Oh, pregnancy. Where you’re glowing, happy, eager for this new life…. and you’re also fighting off teen acne, excessive gas, hemorrhoids, sulky moods, and back pain that would outcry any eight year old. However, some of those changes, sorry m’lady, those things are here to stay.

Holy Guacamole, is this my bra size now?!

When pregnant, you’re going to get breasts that grow to the size of two middle-sized mountains, and tenderness is also there to boot. 

However, for one of the changes that happens to your body after pregnancy, they will shrink again, and then, they’ll sag. Embrace the sag!

The scales are going, up, up, up! 

Pregnancy fat shaming, it’s a thing, try not let it get to you. For a lot of people, the weight gain with pregnancy just never really goes away. I have stopped calling it my ‘pregnancy weight’, and now it’s just ‘weight’. 

I assumed because everyone on Instagram, Facebook and every other social media channel out there who drops below their pre-baby weight mere hours after giving birth. That I too, would be out there running a marathon, fitting back into a size four, and having wine with my gal pals. 

Yet, that’s not the case. Embrace it, your body is an amazing machine, that not only created a new life, it birthed it and nurtured it since. 

Stay off the trampoline 

I remember going to this chic daytime rave with my friends, martini in one hand, laughing and jumping on the adult trampoline. Life was grand. 

Now, I won’t even get on the trampoline with my kids every day. No one’s got that many pairs of underwear.

Having a baby and living with your body after pregnancy leaves you with something that can’t be patched with some duct tape and glue. A leaky faucet. A potential consequence of a vaginal birth, especially if your baby was on the larger side is urinary incontinence. If you find yourself having leaks, your first step should be a doctor or a certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner. Thankfully, regular pelvic floor exercises might help alleviate some of this.

Baby brain is a real thing

In late 2016, researcher Elseline Hoekzema conducted a study that examined differences in women who had given birth, women who hadn’t given birth, and men. The MRI results revealed that women who had been pregnant and had children showed less gray matter — the neurons that process information and the cells that support them — on the brain than the other groups.

According to Scary Mommy, the study wasn’t as comprehensive as we would have like, so we don’t know the long-term implications of the findings. But Hoekzema suggests that grey matter changes aren’t bad since they are mostly in the areas involved in understanding the thoughts, emotions, desires, and motivations of others. It appears to be one example of the body getting fine-tuned for motherhood.

Did you notice any of these changes to your body after pregnancy or have any other changes? Let us know in the comments!

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