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Reasons Why a November Pregnancy is The Best

by | November 9, 2018

Forget the summer heat and feeling like an overcooked stuffed squash on the beach. Having a November pregnancy is ten times better, from the cool air when your body feels hotter than a volcano, to the pumpkin spice drinks everywhere, there’s a lot more reasons to celebrate the wintery gestation. 

November Pregnancy Photo Shoots

november pregnancy

Getting dressed up in warm clothing, and showing our growing life against the stark backdrop of winter is a contrast you simply cannot do any other time of the year. December is too cold, and January too snowy. November hits all the right tones, with some leaves still on the ground, and all the trees bare. 

Cooler Weather

november pregnancy
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We don’t mean in the hipster sense, but in the literal, it’s cooler, and you’re not drowning in your own pool of sweat, while trying to seek out any kind of shade possible.

It’s no secret that we increase in body temperature when pregnant, but having the extra ninety degrees in the midst of July isn’t exactly helping matters. Having a November pregnancy means you get to rock that oversized sweater, and stay within a reasonable body temperature.

Large, Oversized Sweaters

november pregnancy

I mean, need I say more? Nothing says fall like an oversized sweater and what better time to wear them all tha when you’re pregnant? Whether you’re trying to hide a bump before you spill the news, or you’re nearing your due date and just want to feel comfortable for five goddamn minutes, a large sweater is a pregnant woman’s wardrobe staple.


november pregnancy

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Fall is pre-approved legging season according to Romper (not that you need approval, mind you), so that faint yelling you hearing right now is November pregnancy women around the world cheering with reckless abandon. Ditch the maternity jeans and just wear some leggings. You’ll fit in with all the non-pregnant people and feel comfortable to boot.

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