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Rejecting Overused, Stale Arguments Against Veganism

by | January 9, 2019

About time we reject stale arguments against veganism? For thousands of years, humans would stare up into the sky at the birds, watching them twist and turn in summer skies, transfixed, turn to one another and breathlessly exclaim:

“That flying looks like a waste of time, let’s stick to the ground – you know where you are with that.”

Rejecting Some Stale Arguments Against Veganism
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Sarcasm is of course one thing.  The argumentum ad antiquitatem, the referencing of prior practice for present justification, is another.  As a vegan, it is a refrain you will hear from non-vegans from time to time in an effort to justify their omnivorous urges.

Rejecting Some Stale Arguments Against Veganism

But we’ve always done it this way” has been used in defense of slavery, female disenfranchisement and opponents of pretty much any social progress of any sort you care to identify in the last two and a half thousand years.  

It is the moral cousin of “But some animals eat meat, so then should I” in that it curls up into a little ball in the corner under the slightest gaze of critical scrutiny.  It is also what is known as a “logical fallacy”- which is another way of saying it’s an argument that is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Even on an individual, less grand scale than that of human history, there are all sorts of things we did a long time ago that wouldn’t make sense now.  My wife expects to see me at the end of the day doing things relevant to now. However, if she came home to find me building a den on top of the garage and using moss as face-paint, age 48, she’d have good reason to worry. High time we reject all the stale arguments against veganism with immediate effect.


Veganism is not only a rejection of animal cruelty and exploitation.  It is also a rejection of stale arguments that rely on outdated customs and practices.

Vegan for the animals.  Vegan for the family. Vegan for the planet.  

Even if it means no more moss face-paint.

What are the most hilarious arguments against veganism that you hear constantly? Comment below.



Dave Hewitt

An Ohio-based British Masters post-graduate, and ever since I was a little kid growing up in 70s England, I’ve always hated animal cruelty and injustice, and vegan for six years. The sense of sticking up for the voiceless, the persecuted and the powerless remains as strong as ever. Married to Monica, my vegan life partner who works for NASA, we’ve been in Ohio since 2015, and have managed to drive on the other side of the road without incident thus far.



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