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by | January 4, 2018

Shauna is a single mother to her ten year old son and works part time in a vet clinic. She has been vegan for almost one year, making the switch after watching a documentary.

We had a chat with Shauna about navigating her way through the transition to veganism as part of our ‘Why Vegan’ and ‘Everyday Vegans’ series.

Why Are You Vegan?
I have always loved animals but never really thought about how we treat some as family members and others as food until I watched a documentary about eleven months ago that really got me thinking. I started to feel awful every time I ate meat so I tried to eat less of it and then I realised that a lot of the food I ate was contributing to animal suffering in some way so I joined a few vegan groups on Facebook for support and completely cut animal products from my diet.
How Has Being Vegan Impacted Your Life?
I think that my diet and my son’s diet have both become a lot better since we stopped eating animal products. I have to think more about what’s in our food and it’s harder to just get takeaway than it used to be! I sometimes feel a bit alienated from my friends though as none of them are vegan and it’s hard to watch them eat meat when we go out but it’s getting easier as they learn more about my choice and I’m hopeful that eventually they will make the switch too.
What’s Your Favorite Food?
I absolutely love olives and I will add them to any food I can!
What’s Your Go To Dish to Impress non Vegans With?
I’m not a very good cook so I usually just splash out on a faux meat roast or coconut milk ice cream when I have company.
Have You Raised Your Child Vegan?
My son was raised eating meat and other animal products but over the past few months I’ve tried to swap all his favourite foods for vegan alternatives.
Any Struggles? And Any Triumphs?
Sometimes I can tell he feels like a bit of a hassle at birthday parties and things but for the most part he understands why I want this lifestyle for us and he is proud to be an animal lover who does not contribute to animal cruelty.
He has shown so much maturity with this and I’m so proud of the way he stands up for our beliefs when people (including family members) challenge or ridicule the idea of living a vegan lifestyle.
Any Advice For Someone Who Is Going Vegan? 
Do your research on what foods and other things have animal products in them and what you can replace them with. Supplement your diet with B12 and any other vitamins that you might not get enough of (especially if you have picky eaters in the family). Don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up every now and then or if your kids aren’t on board, even eating less meat or dairy or whatever is good for the animals who didn’t have to die for that meal!
What Animal Do You Most Identify With And Why?
Um… probably some sort of awkward bird? (Laughs) I like being different though, life would be boring if everyone was the same and had the same ideas.
Do You Think It Is Ever Too Late To Go Vegan?
It might be harder at some point, like if you’re very old and maybe have dietary issues, but it definitely wouldn’t be impossible and it’s so worth it.


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