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Singer Halsey Shares Pet Adoption Story on Instagram

by | January 1, 2019

“Without You” songwriter and singer Halsey, recently shared on Instagram the story behind why she decided to adopt her dog early last year and why you should consider adopting this holiday season.

Singer Halsey
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Singer Halsey Shares Her Pet Adoption Story

Halsey’s adopted pit-mix, Jagger (named after Mick Jagger) is a popular face on her social media. With large grey eyes, light brown fur and floppy ears, Jagger will pull on your heartstrings with his cuteness! According to the artist, he is “smart as a whip.”

Alongside a video of Jagger playing, singer Halsey pleads in the video caption to “please consider adopting or rescuing an animal who needs a loving home rather than a place that is selling them for personal profit…Winter is really hard for animals in rescue centers and shelters and a lot of them end up getting put down.” The largest majority of dogs put down annually at shelters are pit bulls and pit bull mixes, due to unfortunate and violent stereotypes about the breed of dog.

Singer Halsey also mentions that if you are thinking of gifting a pet this Christmas, that you should make sure to do your research in order to be positive that the receiving family would be ready in all aspects to take care of a dog. This means not only emotionally, but financially as well. Dogs require a lot of care and attention, especially when they are just getting used to being in a new environment so please don’t forget to be extra patient with your new fur baby.

If you’re interested in adopting a dog, please contact your local animal shelter to find out more about how you can add a new member to your family. If you’re not able to adopt but would still like to help, consider fostering, donating or volunteering at a nearby animal shelter. Great items to donate are both canned and bagged dog food, leashes, dog bedding, and treats. You can alternatively donate to a larger animal-rescue association of your choice if you are not located near a shelter or rescue center.

Have you ever adopted a fur baby? Let me know in the comments below.

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