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Solo Parenting Amid COVID-19 — Mother Bullied For Shopping With Children

by | April 7, 2020

One Canadian mom has reported being yelled and sworn at for taking her kids to the grocery store amid the pandemic sparked by the coronavirus, COVID-19.

She shared her story on Mornings with Simi, a radio show from Vancouver-based station CKNW.

Explaining that her husband is currently deployed with the military, Janene Walker says that, “getting desperate for essentials,” she chose to take her children with her to two local stores. During the errand run, two men reprimanded her — one yelling, the other swearing — for her actions.

woman social distancing during covid-19
Walker says her family was family was keeping a safe distance from other shoppers (Zigres/Shutterstock.com)

“Sh*tty Mom” In Face Of COVID-19?

During one of the altercations, Walker says stood up for herself, explaining that she was “not breaking any rules,” and that — in the absence of quarantine — she was following official recommendations. She told host Simi Sara that her family were utilizing social distancing, with her daughter strapped into her shopping cart and her son “holding on to the side of it.”

Nonetheless, the conflict continued into the parking lot, as the man berating was parked near her.  It wasn’t until she was in her car alone with her children, she says, that she began to cry.

In the other incident, Walker says she was unable to defend herself — as the man verbally attacking her was in his car, calling her a “sh*tty mom” as he drove past her.


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