Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram

Stacey Solomon Shares Beautiful Photos with Newborn Son

by | May 28, 2019

It’s a boy!

Stacey Solomon, television personality and actual #momgoals shared a handful of absolutely beautiful photos with the newest addition of her family, starting late last week. From photos in the delivery room that are so honest and enchanting to a photo welcoming baby home, these pictures are sure to make you reminiscent of your own childbirth story! Keep reading below to see some on Stacey’s childbirth photos as well as a sincerely heartfelt message she publicly shared.

Stacey Solomon Shares Beautiful Photos with Newborn Son
Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram

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Stacey Solomon Shares Beautiful Photos with Newborn Son

Last week, Stacey of Loose Women and well-known finalist on The X Factor took to her social media to share a series of beautifully orchestrated photos, posing with her newborn son, whose name has yet to be revealed. Her other children, Zachary and Leighton, welcomed their new sibling in the delivery room as well, looking visibly happy. Solomon’s significant other, Joe Swash, also took to social media to share his own heartfelt messages about Stacey’s pregnancy.

On one of the many stunning photos that she posted to Instagram, she wrote, “Welcome home, my love. Feeling ridiculously teary today. He’s just so teeny and precious and I want to do the very best I can by him. I never thought I’d say this but if I could put him back inside my tummy for another year I would.”

Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram

Solomon was recently praised on social media for sharing a very common side effect of pregnancy that nobody ever seems to talk about-excess body hair, notably excess stomach hair. She shared the below photo on Instagram in April, hilariously talking about her new “all over fuzz” that she embraced during her pregnancy.

This stomach hair picture riled up many comments from moms everywhere who truly appreciated her honesty on this issue that is much more common than one would think!

Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram

Congratulations to Stacey, Joe Swash, and the rest of the family on the birth of Solomon’s newest son!

Do you just love Stacey Solomon’s heart-warming post-birth photos? What other celebrities do you know of that shared their own beautiful photos following birth? Let me know in the comments below.

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