Emily L. Wood - Partner & COO

As a Brand and Social Media Strategist, I was excited to be working with Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting from the grassroots level. My dynamic professional background, in combination with my studies of the Fine Arts at Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington, DC, has created a special drive in my life to share the message and support that VPP encourages. My career was built on years of corporate managerial experience, valuable time as an Administrative Assistant for a private school in New York and as a Client Relations Manager in NYC.

When we had our son, we were introduced to the world of veganism quickly, when we learned on the first Christmas as a family, that he had a dairy allergy. One small search on dairy, opened our eyes to the horrors of animal abuse and our lifelong journey as vegans.

Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting has offered me incredible resources that I want to bring to other families. As a mother, you have strength, as a vegan mother, you need to have superpowers. We are forging a path for the future, to make veganism the norm. We are raising love, compassion, and empathy. Raise Vegan, Change The World!

Janet Kearney - Founder

When I was pregnant with my son, vegan pregnancy was a taboo subject, and vegan parenting was nearly something to keep under wraps. I found VPP with very little members, and a lot of spam, but it had so much potential for a Facebook group. Slowly over the last few years, I Teamed up with Tianna & Emily, to create the website, and start outreach programs to show parents that raising vegan was the best choice for everyone.

Originally from Ireland, I backpacked around the world for a few years, where I met my husband in Perth Australia, and we settled back in NYC, where the corporate world is so much different. We have two little vegans who will change the world. Oliver who adores school, and Millie, who adores her best friend, Marge the rescue chicken. We spend the majority of our time gardening, on the beach, or doing crosswords we never finish.

Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting is an amazing resource for all parents and caregivers, it shows that you’re not alone, and even though there might oceans between us, our fight to empty the cages are the same. Raise Vegan, Start A Revolution!

Tianna McCormick - Partner & CTO

I was born and raised in NY. After living in NYC for 14 years, we left the city life for the mountains of Colorado and never looked back. Myself and my Irish born husband have two adorable kids, Mia and Dylan.

I completed an undergraduate degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, a Master's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Management and an Advanced Certification in Management. I worked in the medical laboratory as Cytogeneticist and now I work in laboratory management helping to save lives.

After some serious inspiration from the VPP founder, Janet Kearney, myself and my whole family, including our pooch Lola, became vegans. I absolutely love supporting other families to become plant-based, and my knowledge of human biology helps me understand and explain the human body better.

VPP is a resource that should be utilized by everyone who is considering raising their family vegan, from the support to the fact based resources, it’s an incredible place that grows so much every day. Raise Vegan, Raise Humanity!


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