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The Best Of Brighton’s Vegan Food Scene

by | August 12, 2020

Five years ago, maxed out on life in London, I was faced with the decision as to where I would make my escape to. As a queer vegan, not many places in the UK really stood out to me as great places to live — with the exception of the city of Brighton.

Often referred to as the LGBTQ+ capital of the UK, Brighton is also a paradise for vegan foodies — a delicious fact that has only become more true in the last few years.

Brighton residents — and it’s visitors — are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to animal-friendly eating, and it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that you’ll struggle to find somewhere you love for eating out or ordering in.

Brighton’s Vegan Food Scene

The following five places (in no particular order) are my current local foodie favorites.

Excitingly, all of these places have 100 percent vegan menus, so you never have to worry about cross-contamination or mistakes when ordering!

Really Happy Chicken

Up first is a new addition to Brighton, and somewhere I can’t get enough of already.

really happy chicken restaurant

Really Happy Chicken is the first vegan fried chicken shop to open in the city, and judging by its continuous sell-out success, everybody else is as excited as I am.

Opening its doors on August 4 this year, the restaurant sold out completely within four hours on the first day, and then sold out again the following day, and the next…

Despite the popularity of this restaurant, I managed to sample the menu on its second day of opening, and I’m already keen to go back.

Menu highlights include the Kentucky Hot Wings and the Really Sticky Burger, and you can go ahead and order a side of hashbrowns or fries to make an amazing meal even better.

vegan really happy chicken

Really Happy Chicken is run by Owais Amiri, who also operates a number of other vegan businesses in the area and beyond. 

Owais was in the restaurant when I went to visit, and he quickly rustled up some vegan snacks for my dog — who he instantly became pals with. 

This is a super friendly place in the heart of the city, and grabbing yourself a seat outdoors will mean you can stare at the sea while you enjoy your chicken-free chicken.

alix coe brighton's vegan food scene
Me, falling in love with a chicken burger

You can find Really Happy Chicken at 31 Preston Street, BN1 2HP.

Vegan Noms

I only discovered Vegan Noms and its “guilt-free junk food” recently, but I’ll definitely be a life-long customer. 

This totally plant-based brand offers a delivery service, as well as dishing up meals at the North Laine Brewhouse — a popular bar in the centre of town. 

The company prides itself on being environmentally-friendly, with 100 percent biodegradable packaging for its delivery options.

vegan noms brighton
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Speaking on the inspiration for the brand, Vegan Noms told me, “We wanted to show the City that vegan fast food can be packed full of flavour & lead the way for interesting & guilt free dishes.”

The burgers are where its at with Vegan Noms, with decadent options such as the El Jefe Burger, and the Big Cluckowski — with the selection of loaded fries and nuggets serving as the the perfect accompaniment. 

vegan noms burger
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A highlight of this delivery for me was the Green Times alcohol-free beer infused with CBD. As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, there’s not usually much for me to enjoy drink-wise when ordering takeout, and this was a much-enjoyed find.

You can find Vegan Noms at the North Laine Brewhouse, 27 Gloucester Place, BN1 4AA.

Happy Maki

This entirely vegan sushi restaurant is an absolute gem. The menu is simple but delicious, with just a few main options to choose from alongside some tasty side dishes — the cauliflower popcorn is absolutely not to be missed.

What’s more, for every wrap that gets bought, Happy Maki plants a tree and feeds a child in need.

happy maki
(Happy Maki/Instagram)

Fortunately, you don’t have to live in Brighton to enjoy this plant-based sushi, as the restaurant caters at festivals all around the UK — at least it did in the pre-pandemic world and I’m sure it will again!

Happy Maki has been crowdfunding recently to open a second location in Brighton, which will be a totally ‘pay what you feel’ restaurant. 

popcorn chicken happy maki
(Happy Maki/Instagram)

You can find Happy Maki at 8 Pool Valley, BN1 1PN.

The Captain Pig

Nestled in the North Laines, The Captain Pig is the very first vegan grocery store in Brighton.

the captain pig brighton
(The Captain Pig/Instagram)

The shop is run by compassionate couple Rob and Claire — who have both been dedicated vegans for over 25 years!

The plant-based duo source many of their products from local sellers or totally vegan businesses, and also make an effort to go plastic-free as much as possible.

One of my very favorite things about The Captain Pig is the constant stream of photos of customer’s dogs on its social media pages, as well as the fact it is one of the friendliest places to shop in Brighton.

the captain pig groceries
(The Captain Pig/Instagram)

As the store was forced to shut its doors temporarily during the height of the pandemic, the owners became a delivery service overnight, bringing plant-based food essentials to those who couldn’t go out to get them. Heroes.

You can find The Captain Pig at 10 Church Street, BN1 1US.


No list of popular plant-based eateries in Brighton would be complete without mentioning Purezza.

purezza plant based pizza

This vegan pizzeria opened on St James’ Street in Kemp Town in 2015, and has since become a dining highlight of the city.

Customers can enjoy a range of sourdough and gluten-free pizzas, as well as a range of raw mains, indulgent desserts, and unique cocktails.

My all-time favorite pizza choices are The One With The Truffle and The One With The Potatoes, followed immediately by a Salted Caramel Brownie.

salted caramel brownie

Purezza will be opening a second location across town in Hove later this month, showing just how much demand there is for its plant-based pizza.

You can find Purezza at 12 St James’s Street, BN2 1RE.

Have I missed your favorite plant-based place off this list? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out!


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  1. Francesca-Marie
    August 14th, 2020 @ 2:20 am

    What the pitta! How could you not include what the pitta??? They won the best kebab in London at the beginning of the year. Their food is totally amazing!

  2. Alix Coe
    August 14th, 2020 @ 4:40 am

    I do love What The Pitta! Perhaps I’ll have to update my post 🙂

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