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The Best Of The Vegan Tattoo Industry — Shops & Artists You Just Can't Miss

by | March 15, 2020

Around for thousands of years, tattoos at one time were almost always vegan.

Most early inks were made from the soot of charred wood and other geological sources. It wasn’t until much later that some ink would contain animal products, such as bone char, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or insect parts. Definitely not vegan. 

Back To Our Roots

Many tattoo artists around the world have brought us back to our roots. These artists are making sure the entire process, from ink to after-care, is cruelty-free — for the animals at least. Thankfully, the equipment and ink have been upgraded quite a bit from ancient times. 

Already have tattoos? There is no use crying over spilt ink, but check out these vegan tattoo artists and shops for your next piece!  

Fine line tattoo of small bird

Math – The London Social (London, UK) 

If you find yourself on holiday in London, stop in and see Math. A vegan for 20 years and a father for six, Math specializes in fine line vegan tattoos.

Fine line tattoos are typically done with a single needle or a very small grouping of needles. Simple, yet detailed at the same time, his work is captivating and inspiring. 

View more of Math’s work on his Instagram or at Fine Line Tattoos UK.

vegan tattoo tree by aurum

Aurum Tattoo Tampiquito (Monterey, Mexico)

On your next adventure in Mexico, make sure to pay the Aurum Tattoo shop a visit. This is a straight edge tattoo and piercing crew consisting of Niña Mala, Moxx Rodríguez, and body piercer, Barbs.

These artists promote ethical living through their craft — showing people that they too can have good art without involving the suffering of other living beings.

See more from Aurum on Instagram or Facebook to find inspiration for your next piece.

vegan galaxy tattoo

Anita La Sainte (Lisbon, Portugal)

If the beautiful city of Lisbon is in your plans, booking a session with Anita may need to be another item on that list. 

Anita is a Spanish tattoo artist, specializing in micro realism and fine line pieces primarily inspired by nature. This tattoo style requires an extremely talented artist, and Anita’s portfolio showcases just that.

Beware — you may find yourself way too close to the screen, capturing the true depth of her extremely-detailed designs!

Not only does Anita use exclusively vegan products, but the artist also strives to use eco-conscious disposables when possible.

Find her portfolio on her Instagram or at Anita la Sainte!

Vegan tattoo farm animals loren

Loren (Montevideo, Uruguay) 

If you find yourself in Montevideo, we’ve already found an animal-loving tattoo artist for you! Meet Loren! 

An artist for seven years and a vegan for ten, Loren is also involved in animal rescues — she is an activist and a huge dog fanatic!

Utilising fine lines and predominantly blackwork, her art is creative, beautiful, and simply pleasing. We obviously love the little farm animal tattoo, but her profile is diverse and full of many delightfully detailed designs. 

Enjoy more designs on her Instagram page.

vegan tattoo of anchor

Vegan Tattoo Egypt (Cairo, Egypt)

Visiting Egypt and craving a new piece of body art? Vegan Tattoo Egypt truly has a style for everyone.  

This shop has a vast portfolio, especially if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional. All of the artists here pride themselves on their awe-inspiring cover-up work — just in case you have a piece you’re not so fond of. 

The owner — a vegan himself — loves giving his clients animal-friendly art that they’ll be proud of for a lifetime. 

Find Vegan Tattoo Egypt’s portfolio on Instagram and Facebook.

vegan tattoo of elephant and flowers

Claudia Gleeson (Adelaide, South Australia)

Working out of a little shop outside of the city with friends, Claudia enjoys all styles of tattooing but specializes in watercolor, fine line and botanicals. Tattooing for five years and vegan for eight, she assures the entire process from ink to aftercare is totally vegan.

Check out her beautiful use of color in her work on her Instagram or Facebook page!

If your travel plans don’t include one of these top destinations, find a vegan tattoo shop near you using this vegan tattoo studio directory!

We’d love to see your vegan tattoos so tag us on Instagram if you’re sharing your masterpieces!


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