The Funniest Vegan Memes Alive Today

by | December 7, 2018

Falling down the rabbit hole of the internet is my favorite pass-time, and I’m always getting caught on the vegan memes train. These will have you peeing your pants in no time. 

Why Does Everyone Assume You Love Animals? 

Just because we don’t want to eat them, doesn’t mean we’re all about chilling on on the couch, hitting up Netflix and cozing up to a donkey. Some people really don’t like animals that much, same way as we’re not too fond of some humans (That’s right Ms. Conners from grade school, I’m wagging my fingers at you) 

vegan memes

The Oh So True Option 

When even the starters have some sort of animal based dead body parts in there. Why? Why, how does your fruit salad have milk? 

vegan memes

Can My Eyes Roll Back Any Further? 

This is the same b*llsh*t they pull when you call ahead and ask if there are any gluten free options, roll up to the place, and told the ‘gluten free’ is the dead animal.  Did ya’ll not think when I was asking about the vegan options, that maybe the steak wasn’t what I would order? 

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I Couldn’t Possibly Eat Vegan Food. 

You couldn’t possibly have an apple, or mushroom, or what is that, vegan candy in your hand? Get out of hallway with this noise. You are eating vegan food every day of the week. 

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Think of The Children

No one is spending $100 a day on some oddly named vegetable, we’re eating potatoes just like you are, Sandra. Here’s some vegan memes to explain further, or should I get the hand puppets out. 

vegan memes

Vegan Memes Continues Below 

vegan memes

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Get My Issues 

You Vegans……

I always know the conversation is about to go as South as possible when it starts with ‘you vegans’ 

Why Go Vegan, Just Be ‘Normal’ 

When you’re at a party, and everyone asks if you can have something. I can have whatever I want, I’m not confined to being vegan under doctors orders,  this isn’t a struggle. I want to eat things that didn’t die screaming 

Have any vegan memes? Drop the link in the comments. 

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  1. Butterflies Katz
    December 11th, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

    I did’t laugh at any of them, so not that funny. But the one that the woman is holding up a piece of bread alongside the words “when people say they have never tried vegan foods” … well a lot of bread is actually NOT vegan – so that’s not accurate.

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