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This New Series Is A Can’t Miss For Kids — Vegan Or Otherwise

by | November 25, 2019

A must-have for any compassionate family’s bookshelf, Livi and the Story of the Sausage Roll is kicking off a series set to spark big change in the minds of readers.

Following the adventures of a little girl named Livi, this delightful new book (and the series to follow) will take you and your children along for the ride as one impassioned little girl fights to save the planet and all its inhabitants and lead a kind, thoughtful life.

This delightful protagonist — along with her family and treasured dog, Abba — is set to enchant readers young and old. Full of love for all beings, Livi chooses compassion throughout the book’s pages, opting to eat plants over animals and work to make the world a better, more peaceful place. Can’t fault that message!

Livi and the story of the sausage roll kids books
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Big Questions, Brighter Tomorrow: Changing The Game For Kids’ Books

A passion project from vegan moms Erika and Keziah, this groundbreaking series — dubbed Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow — aims to make big change by way of its children’s books.

The pair believe that, in order to accomplish this, we must first establish an honest narrative with children around food and where it comes from. That said, the series is designed to be palatable to vegans an nonvegans alike.

While the books are great for vegan families and parents raising vegan children, veganism is not mentioned explicitly in the title or otherwise. This was a choice Erika and Keziah made in order to reach the widest audience possible and keep the series appropriate for placement anywhere from schools and vegan-curious households.

In fact, the pair recently had their first school reading and are hoping that, with the help of Livi and her pals, they can reach as many students as possible and help to make big change in the lives of kids around the world.

two vegan girls reading kids books
The book was written to share a message of love with readers (Source: Provided)

Livi’s Vegan Message: All About Love

Superhero Livi is simply a child who eats plants, not animals. Livi’s super power is her love for all beings and, through it, she shows us that we can all be superheroes — and helps to empower readers at the end of each book.  

“Now you’ve considered a different point of view,” the trademark closing line reads.”Choosing what to eat is entirely up to you.”

Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow wants to empower children to know that their choices matter and that they can make a difference when it comes to the kind of world they live in.

This is not a series intended to pressure anyone into anything, but to encourage children and adults to consider their food choices and to connect the meat and dairy they consume with the living beings it came from. What they do from there is left entirely up to them.

“Our book is dedicated to all loving humans that care for the world and its inhabitants,” Big Questions Brighter Tomorrow told Raise Vegan. “For all the brave ones that don’t shy away from the truth. For all visionaries that know we can all make a change.”

Check out Livi and her pal’s new series here.


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