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Too Sweet? KIND Fights Against High Sugar Snacks. Know more here.

by | April 17, 2019

KIND, the snack-bar makers have lately taken a dig at the rivals with its augmented reality pop-up called ‘Sweeteners Uncovered’ along with a database on the website that informs about the sugar content in highest selling snacks. The pop-up was launched in Manhattan for 48 hours. The snack bars makers have vegan options along with regular ones. Know more about their fight against high sugar snacks here.

High Sugar Snacks
Credit: @KINDSnacks/ Twitter

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Too Sweet? KIND Fights Against High Sugar Snacks

KIND Continues its Fight- Sweetness Uncovered

With their Sweetness Uncovered initiative, Kind reportedly wants to increase transparency in the amount of sugar used in the popular snacks available in the market. The initiative was launched in Manhattan with an AR popup allowing people to know the sugar content in everyday snacks using their mobile device. The installation was open on April 10-11 at New York’s Soho neighborhood, along with an online database. The online database is reportedly a guide on sugar content in products ranging from granola, snack bars, and cereals.

“When some of the top-selling snacks many people believe to be healthy have a similar sugar profile as a dessert, that’s a problem. People deserve to know what they’re eating,” said KIND in a release reported Nosh.

Credit: @KINDSnacks/ Twitter
Too Sweet? KIND Fights Against High Sugar Snacks

“We are not advocates of demonizing sugar. We are advocates of demonizing deception and misleading claims,” read KIND’s twitter post.

The snack-bar company revealed a survey report claiming that as much as 40% of respondents failed to name any sweeteners used in beverages and foods. Also, 41% of respondents (of 2,200) didn’t know which ingredient was a sweetener used in their products.

Last month Cliff Bars, another popular snack bar in the market reportedly issued a challenge to KIND bars on a full-page advert in the New York Times. The Cliff Company challenged KIND bars to go organic. In reply to the challenge, KIND counterattacked on a tweet saying:

Credit: @KINDSnacks/ Twitter
Too Sweet? KIND Fights Against High Sugar Snacks

“It’s deceptive to try to pass off organic brown rice syrup as healthy. We’d be happy to meet with you and share why we focus on making snacks that always lead with nutrient-dense ingredients like whole nuts, whole grains & whole fruit – instead of sugar,” the tweet read.

What do you think about KIND’s fight? Are you sugar conscious? Do you know the sweetener used in your favorite snack, beverage or packaged foods? Let me know in the comments below.

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