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Turkeys Are Guests Of Honor At Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

by | November 23, 2018

A special Thanksgiving dinner where Turkeys aren’t on the table, rather Guests of Honor! A sprawling lush green farm towards the north of Downtown LA is all set for a Vegan Thanksgiving Feast. The only Turkeys really excited for the Holidays!

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An Acton based animal rescue organization, Farm Sanctuary, is all set to turn Thanksgiving into a fun time for Turkeys. The organization has been doing this since the 90’s, where Turkeys are made Guests of Honors in event named- “Celebration for Turkeys“. President of the Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur explains, “We wanted to create a different kind of Thanksgiving, so we turned the tables and started rescuing turkeys instead of eating them.” 

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About Farm Sanctuary

Co-founded by Baur in 1986, Farm Sanctuary was a result of the constant efforts he put in to expose rampant animal abuse, prevalent in factory farm industries. Baur brought home all the animals he came across, which were left to die in wild. The Lamag quotes Baur saying, “The neighborhood kids would come by and were curious about the animals. They wanted to hear where they came from. We started telling the animals’ stories and saw how that resonated.” 

Vegan Thanksgiving Feast to the Turkeys themselves

How this ‘Vegan Thanksgiving Feast for Turkeys’ idea originated?

Baur sees Turkeys as brand ambassadors for Thanksgiving. He hopes to encourage people to look at their plates differently, through this unique idea of “Celebration for Turkeys”. He goes on to further explain, “Turkeys are some of the friendliest animals you could ever meet. We have turkeys that follow you around like puppy dogs. They’re curious and very companionable. They’re individuals.” Must say, what a Vegan Thanksgiving Feast! 

Well, Thanksgiving sure is fun at Farm Sanctuary where none of the guests accidentally spills secrets after drinking too much. Cheers to that!

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