Unexpected Products Every New Parent Needs

by | August 11, 2018

Wondering What Every Parent Needs?

Seeing those two lines come up on the pregnancy test for the first time (we know you peed on three dozen more) is scary, and rightfully so! parenting is the toughest job you’ll ever do, but these few items can make it so much better.



Nursing Pillow

Between the late nights, and trying to get the hang of breastfeeding (if you wanted to),  your arms are just going to feel like mush after the first few days. Nursing pillows are awesome for just giving you a break for a few mins, but don’t leave the baby alone to go do chores. Or just getting the baby into a comfortable position for you both to help to breastfeed along.






Baby Carrier

I know that stroller is super cute, and look at all the storage it has! Yet, having the baby strapped to you, not only makes them feel safer, it will help you be ready in a jiffy, and not have to wrangle a bulky stroller up and down stairs.






Diaper Pail

Babies go through A LOT of diapers, and if you’re not planning on using cloth diapers, or even if you are – having a handy and designated bin for them will go a long way towards containing the smells in the house, and not having to go outside to empty the trash every two hours. This is an every parent needs item, so stick it on the list.






Pacifier Clip

Pacifiers are the same as the socks in the washing machine. If you’re wondering what every parent needs, it’s probably some sort of sock sniffer person, who can find all those locks! You just keep buying them, and they just keep running away to some far off place in the house that no one ever goes to. having a pacifier clip will be a  lifesaver when the little one is having an ultimate meltdown and you’re frantically searching for them.







My kids surprised me when I had that first scratch. I still don’t know how those little nails grow so fast and so sharp! Cutting a baby’s’ nails is in the top ten most terrifying actions you have to take as a new parent, but nothing is scarier than when they scratch their own skin.  Having some little mittens on hand keeps everyone safe, and should be at the top of your list of what every parent needs.

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