What is it that makes them so special?

As I’m sitting here writing this I’m watching the rain fall on a particular rainy California day, which as you may know is not the norm, but after a devastating year of wild fires very welcomed by all in this state. Which brings me to the topic at hand, why are vegan babies so special and why aren’t they the norm? When I went Vegan my life changed in so many ways. I got more active in the animal rescue scene and animal rights scene. Met so many phenomenal and inspiring people making changes in the world and had opportunities to work with some of the most amazing individuals under my organization dedicated to women in animal rights.

But none of that mattered on the glorious day I announced I was pregnant. All of sudden my (good) health came under the microscope. I was constantly questioned and asked if I’m “sticking” to my vegan diet during the “whole” pregnancy and if I plan on doing so after the baby is born and how that will effect the baby. I was asked how many additional supplements I need to be taking (none more than regular pregnant women should be) and am I getting enough iron (yes) and protein (yes). Yes, some were just honestly curious as with every pregnancy comes questions some intrusive, some just genuinely wondering. But why was my healthy diet and lifestyle suddenly deemed unhealthy for a growing baby? And the answer is; because that’s what people have been programmed to think!

We’re told from a very young age that we won’t grow properly unless we “eat our meat” and our bones will not be strong if we don’t “drink our cows milk”. Yes, there’s the occasional “eat your fruit and veggies”, but the majority of the focus has been turned to the consumption of animals and their products for sake of our little one’s health. And I’m here to tell you we have been accustomed to some pretty darn good advertising by companies that profit off our animal consumption.

This brings me to the answer to “Why Vegan Babies and Kids Are So Special”. There is nothing quite as beautiful as the innocence of a child. Little humans growing in understanding day by day and watching our every move to be just like us. Just like our special fur babies, the first thing kids really want in life is to make us happy (even when they don’t realize they’re not at the moment). Sure there can be “battle days” but children are just learning to show their own assertion and with that may come challenging mom and dad from time to time. How wonderful is it that we allow our vegan children to hold onto that innocence a little while longer?

By allowing them to consume in a way that is not harming our planet or other beings that reside on it we are teaching them the ever important lesson in gratitude. To be thankful for what the earth provides and take care of her. By giving them their first real lesson in humanity, by telling them how to contribute to it in a positive and compassionate way and being a part of a society that wants to help and give back! We all want to protect our children and raise them the best we can. What a wonderful way to protect them by giving them a life based on proper nutrition. Focusing on a healthier, kinder and positive way to live, right?

So what attributes do these special little vegan babies hold you may be asking? Comments I have had since my little miracle was born are; “Wow, he’s so strong!”, “How did you get him to crawl (at 2 1/2 months) so early?” And my favorite one, “He is SO alert! (Eyes wide open since birth)”. If you’re a vegan momma already these probably sound familiar. That’s because a healthy well balanced plant based diet is actually the optimal diet for our littles to not only survive, yet thrive! They are getting that great brain food and without harsh chemicals and carcinogens found  meat and dairy products. They’re not being slowed down or don’t feel sluggish due to their tiny little bodies trying to process something unnatural for them. They are eating the goodness straight from the earth from the first time they can eat on their own. It’s allowing them to be the clear headed, bright and artistic little creatures they were meant to be!

There’s no tricking them into thinking the “nugget” they are about to eat is actually not the animal they just fell in love within their favorite story book. A friend once said something that really impacted me, she said;  “If you give a hungry baby an apple or a goat to eat, the babies natural response will always unequivocally  be the apple” As Vegan parents we are actually allowing our future world changers to live cruelty free lives just as they were intended! We are setting them up to live long, happy and healthy lives. And in my opinion, there is no better way we can protect and care for our children!

Renee Pheonix. Renee is new stay at home mother; former event designer and planner and animal activist. Die hard lover of vegan food, her rescue pups, her adorable vegan baby boy, her aim is to write articles that connect with people interested in the vegan lifestyle and share her journey as well as her passion for animals and delicious food finds. She runs The org; Girls For Animal Rights, that has partnered with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Local Animal sanctuaries and Many rescue org’s on special projects, including her 2015 Women in Animal Activism calendar which featured Hollywood Actress and Activist, Elaine Hendrix. You can follow her on Facebook.