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Vegan Bucket lists, What’s on Yours?

by | December 31, 2018

Everybody has at least a mental prototype of their bucket lists. What’s a bucket list? It’s a list of things that you would like to do, see or experience before you die. For some, this includes things such as going skydiving, traveling to a foreign country, or finding true love. For us vegans, we have all of those things on our vegan bucket lists.

However, I’ve noticed that we have some extra aspirations that omnivores usually leave out of theirs. Here is the ultimate vegan bucket list to inspire yours.

vegan bucket lists
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Vegan bucket lists continues below.

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Vegan Bucket Lists

Host an all-vegan party that even omnivores loved

Create a vegan recipe that goes viral, possibly one for a dessert

Convert someone in your life to veganism

Find the perfect avocado and eat the whole thing by yourself

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Get PR from your favorite cruelty-free brand

Adopt an adult shelter animal

Successfully save an animal from the slaughterhouse

Meet Esther the Wonder Pig

Get voted as one of Peta2’s “Hottest Vegan Celebs”

Shamelessly eat a vegan cake all by yourself

Go street-teaming with a brand you are passionate about

Eat your way through Veggie Grill’s menu

Get a vegan-pride tattoo

Live to see Mac Cosmetics go cruelty-free

Go to a vegan food festival

Think of a sassy comeback to “But bacon though”

Make a vegan dish that your parents or grandparents will fall in love with

Perfect the art of sushi rolling

Cut out single-use plastic from your life

Eliminate all non-vegan products from your home

Befriend a fellow vegan in your city

Stick to your Trader Joe’s shopping list for once

Create your own secret drink at Starbucks that doesn’t suck

Make your own almond milk from scratch

Set the world record for the highest number of avocados eaten in an hour

Plant a tree and live to see it fully grow

Volunteer at a local food bank during the holidays

Veg out in the vegan haven known as Portland, Oregon

Give the gift of an adopted furbaby to a loved one

Pass down veganism to your children or grandchildren

Would you like to add anymore items to vegan bucket lists? Let me know in the comments below.

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